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Filmmaker John Valley Teaches You How To Produce A Music Video

Austin is a city known for its music industry and musicians, with our official motto being the "Live Music Capital of the World". On any given night you can find a hundred venues showcasing a wide variety live music performances. Further, film and music intersect constantly within creative industries and curating video to sound or scoring (or vice versa) is just as important as the actual film production. Austin School of Film's Creative Filmmaking: Music Video Production class is designed to give you insight into the practical concerns involved with completing a music video from top to bottom with an industry filmmaker. Students will be guided hands-on to create a cinematic music video.

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3 Classes Every Creative Should Take This Summer

If you’re familiar with Austin School of Film, you probably know we teach a diverse population of people including: aspiring & established filmmakers, animators, media makers, content producers, illustrators, and creatives. Technically “creatives” is a catch-all word for those working in creative sectors and industries. Something you’ve probably noticed is a lot of the job roles creatives have or hope to have intersect with must-have digital skills to accomplish projects and productions. Here are some class picks we strongly feel are crucial skills every creative should know.

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