MIX/VHS | Week 017


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Rain, rain, and more rain? Don't worry, there's plenty of great eclectic fun stuff to watch at MIX/VHS so you can avoid getting soaked outside in the craziness. We hope you enjoy!






Le Petite Masion (dir. by Isaac Holland)



This short was actually the graduation film of animator Isaac Holland from Royal College of Art. A young man sees his girlfriend as various objects. He sees her as a french tart one day and tells her so thinking of it as a compliment since he loves french tarts. Misunderstanding, his girlfriend sees it as an insult and leaves in shambles. He goes back and relives there relationship and they eventually see eye to eye. I love the simplistic style of the animation. Watch it!

-  Felix

A Town Called Panic (dir. Stéphane Aubier & Vincent Patar)



After watching A Town Called Panic, even just the title makes me spin off in a tizzy of "And that scene" and "I think my favorite part is... no, maybe it's.." thoughts interrupted by me not being able to even explain through laughter much like an inside joke.  This stop motion about a cowboy, an indian, their horse, and the small wacky town where almost anything goes is in French, but honestly, subtitles are not necessary (like in this scene) .  My favorite character is Steven, and you'll quickly figure out why.

-  Carrie

DOPE (dir. Rick Famuyiwa)



DOPE has the typical "young kids who end up in massive trouble" movie trope, but it takes it to another level and gives characters that typically aren't given screen time or an in depth background a voice. It's hilarious, entertaining, and well written.

-  Morgan

Company (dir. by John Boyle)



This particular filmed production of the 1970s Stephen Sondheim musical is probably its most unique and vulnerable. Each of the actors not only sings and acts their role, but plays a musical instrument that in a small way resembles their personality, with our main character Bobby instrument-less. This works so well with this idea of Bobby craving a partner, and piecing together what it means to truly feel alive with a companion through his interactions with his married fiends.

-  Spencer

Ryan Paris // Dolce Vita

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 12.57.23 AM


I came across this gem of a music video, like the other bafflingly numerous 7.7 million viewers, through Pitchfork's mini 'Macumentary' of musician and asylum-escapee Mac DeMarco.  He cites Dolce Vita as the perfect 80s pop song, full of longing, heartbreak, and nonsensical lyrics. The music video is no less entertainingly absurd, the singer's stilted dance moves and wardrobe at odds with just how infectious the song really is (as Youtube commenter Alan O'Haver puts it, "this song makes me want to drive down Miami boulevard in my fire red 1983 Porsche 911. lol") Against the backdrop of creeped-out French women and way too many river barges, Mr. Paris lets us watch him become a one-hit semi-wonder in realtime. God I'm glad I live in a universe where this exists.

-  JJ

Agafia's Taiga Life 



This mini documentary tells the tale of 70 year old Agafia Lykov, the last remaining Lykov living alone in the Taiga of Siberia. Born in the wilderness after her family fled Stalin, she grew up in the harsh isolation, dealing with unimaginable tragedies. Through her deep beliefs from her religious upbringing as a Russian Old Believer, she manages to survive, and even help a nearby neighbor with daily chores. Her story is fascinating, and I highly recommend checking it out.

-  Sloane

YMS Top 10 Films of 2014



I'm gonna cheat with my recommendation this week, and instead of recommendation one thing, I am recommending about 30 or so. YouTuber YourMovieSucksDOTorg has been producing top-quality film reviews over the last several years. He has also been on a constant venture to review some of the best, often overlooked, films from the years that pass. Recently, he has released his list of the Best Films of 2014, and his comprehensive look at the 30+ films are sure to interest many, many people. Not only is his review fun to watch, but in the end, you will end up adding several more films to your watchlist, which is always a plus. Check 'er out!

-  Jake

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