MIX/VHS | Week 042

What a wild week it has been! We've curated another short MIX/VHS for you to relax + enjoy. And! If you're able to give back in any small way to the victims of Hurricane Harvey, be sure to stop by Motion Media Arts Center. We are currently taking donations canned goods and other amenities that will be delivered to those in need via Central Texas Food Bank. Every little bit helps!


Good Time



Harrowing and thrilling from start to finish. I think in the film's immediate end I was impressed, but it wasn't until days later that I was really blown away. The driving electronic score, the non-stop anxiety of the situation only getting more dire and dangerous, the animalistic, charismatic & (surprisingly) solid performance from Robert Pattinson: this is the sleeper cinema experience of the summer. Also, shout out to Iggy Pop for his son The Pure and the Damned that plays over the last scene of the film. Good Time is a damn good time.

-  Spencer

The Choice Between Eating Old Cake & Anxiety

Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 7.44.34 PM


Ever gone to your kitchen late late at night stressed and hoping to find Martha Stewart baking you a cake but all you find is Ramen and some stale crackers?!? Well what if you then discovered 3-day old buttercream cake in your purse…would ya eat it? Watch one couple’s dilemma in The Choice Between Eating Old Cake Or Anxiety. It’s on a playlist from Refinery29’s RIOT channel, which isn’t currently running content (BOOOOOOO!!), but has plenty of hilarious stuff to watch. RIOT is (or was??) a female-driven YouTube comedy channel. This video is only 4 minutes, but be prepared to binge—on the channel and some cake, preferably not 3-day old buttercream though!  

- Stephanie


Will Ferrell Eastbound & Down Outtakes 

Inline image 1


If you're ever in need of a healthy laugh check out Will Ferrell's outtakes, particularly from Eastbound & Down. Although comedians make it look effortless, there's much more behind the scenes than meets the screen.

- Clete

Truman Show Background Actors

Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 5.51.43 PM


We've all seen The Truman Show, but what about the average, everyday extras working around the clock to make Truman's life function? Well, this sketch answers that question and it is hilarious. The Bath Boys remain one of the greatest unknown sketch comedy groups of YouTube; I have been an avid fan of theirs for several years now. As their content has been sporadic over the last few months, it's great to see them still producing high-quality and well-written comedy.

-  Jake

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