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Invest In Your Creative Future Now

Real talk: Investing your creative future can be a challenging endeavor. However, Austin School of Film wants to make the process as accessible to all people as possible. So, here’s a nudge from us to you to get the skills you need to complete your projects, reach your goals, learn new skills, and in short: follow your creative dreams.

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Upgrade Your Skills In A Weekend 

Sometimes you need to enhance what you already know to leap to that next step in your creative career and sometimes in order to grow your toolbox; you should consider stepping out of your comfort zone to learn a new skill.  The rewards of taking a workshop are numerous. You may be giving up a weekend to hit the classroom but let’s be real: when investing in your future, the pool can come later. 

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Learn DaVinci Resolve Color Correction With Certified Pro Corey Kline

Austin School of Film has partnered with Black Magic Design to teach certified classes in DaVinci Resolve! Earlier this year, Austin School of Film made a formal (exciting) announcement on becoming a Certified Training Partner with Resolve. Intro and DaVinci Resolve Color Correction is now a part of our video and audio post production offerings and we couldn’t be more excited to train the community on this amazing and powerful editing software. We are the ONLY Certified Training Partner in Texas currently that is open to the community.

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