CLASS OF THE WEEK! Cinematography 101

We took a poll on Facebook earlier this year, to see what YOU would like to see in our class catalog in 2018 and we listened!

We're constantly researching, developing, and implementing new programs and courses for you. We're so excited to announce our newest faculty member Alonso J. Luján & ASoF's take on a Cinematography course. We're going beyond the basics in this 12 hour weekend course -- exploring the intention & technique of a cinematographer.


GRAY whittles at a block of wood, as individual shavings fall to the small pile growing on the table.

TRAVIS reps crunches on the floor, listening to the weather report on TV. As he finishes his set, GRAY drops a small object on him. Travis picks it up: a strange humanoid carving.


This simple scene can be shot in a hundred different ways, all valid from a purely technical standpoint, but with varied intention. The cinematographer’s approach to a scene defines its tone, style, aesthetic, and most importantly how the audience connects with the material. In order to make these aesthetic decisions the cinematographer must consider elements such as theme, character, relationships, story arc, and emotional context, among others. 

ASoF's Cinematography course is led by professional filmmaker Alonso J. Luján and centers around the intention behind technical decisions. Students will be given several film assignments in class designed to teach and explore how and why we create various visuals within storytelling - going beyond the rudimentary basics. 

Key topics covered include: 

  • Lighting for mood and emotional context
  • Focal length in relation to character, space and style
  • Creating depth within shots through lighting and framing
  • Camera movement and its effect on pacing and mood
  • Other elements that go into creating a unique voice and look for each individual project

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