MIX/VHS | Week 056

Not only is this one of the most jam-packed MIX/VHS' ever, it has also got to be one of the most eclectic, wild rollercoaster rides from pick to pick that we have ever come up with. Enjoy the weird, y'all!

Sugarloaf - Don't Call Us, We'll Call You


From the 70's. This song played on the bus every day on my way to the new high school, 1975. Bus #19, Roy Stremming, driver. The song is about being rejected by a record company but the video is kind of neat.

- Bob

MadTV | Trapped in the Cupboard


So wild to look back at the early days of Jordan Peele now knowing him as A"cademy Award Winning Screenwriter Jordan Peele". This is Pre-Key and Peele. This is that back-the-day, MadTV stuff that really gives you a glimpse into the progression of an artist's career, and how some of those goofy first ideas helped you hone and lay the foundation for your authorial voice. Also, this will be a lot funnier if you have seen the real R. Kelly's "urban opera" Trapped in the Closet, so go watch that gem too.

- Spencer

H&M - The Fall Collection


This commercial is energetic to the core. I love the changing cinematography styles, the fashion, the colors, and the song fits it all too well. To me, this is how you sell a fashion line.

- Jake

My Life as a Zucchini (Ma vie de courgette) 


This is a poignant yet charmingly funny French film by director Claude Barras and writer Céline Sciamma. I love the designs and stop-motion animation in this. It carries deep yet universal themes of loss, guilt, and trust through the lives of a group of kids at a foster home. I think anyone who watches this will appreciate not only it's story, but the aesthetics involved in the production. Available on VOD platforms. 

- Janet

Inherent Vice


A story about lost love, greediness, paranoia and weed, Inherent Vice is a tye-dye shirt you bought at a thrift store for $7 even though that's a bit steep in price and it looks a little worn-out and someone could have died in it but you bought it anyways because it looked cool and after wearing it a few times you feel like it truly fits you and compliments you and your body well and all the girls in school compliment your cool new/used tye-dye shirt but nothing else about you as a person because you're not as cool as the shirt you're wearing but it's alright because your shirt is cool. Just watch it, you'll know what I mean.

- Alek

Drs. Hoeller, Jung, and the Journey of the Soul


In 1982, Dr. Hoeller translated and provided an illuminating commentary to Jung’s Sermons to the Dead. This look at the early Jung’s work is fascinating – since no figure (outside of Sigmund Freud) is more important to the development of modern psychological theory than Carl Jung. Jung charted a map of the conscious and unconscious realms existing both within the individual and in society. Jung also practically invented personality psychology, and coined the extravert/introvert distinction. Jung’s diverse, esoteric study of comparative religion and mythology, populated with its many archetypes, has been made most approachable to us through the work of Joseph Campbell, who drew extensively on Jung’s theories in his Hero with a Thousand Faces, where he condensed Jung’s process of individuation into his concept of the Hero’s Journey. 

Dr. Hoeller will be giving a free talk tomorrow, March 9th, at Austin’s Ecclesia Gnostica, from 8-9:30pm. I extend a warm invitation for you to attend!

- Matt

Friends From College


Friends from College is an adult comedy that shows on Netflix and centers around six college friends, and their messy relationships with each other. Wether if its old hook ups to break ups or just a friend being a friend: get your popcorn and get ready for some drama!

- Kenny

JOHN MAUS "Touchdown"


I can't seem to get this video, or song for that matter, out of my head. It's so brilliantly stupid and bizarre, like a slow-motion train wreck through an orgy. A disembodied voice urges us to "Go for the touchdown" as the Platonic ideal of a football player (or more accurately, an NFL Blitz character come to life) poses and peacocks for the camera. I imagine this is what watching the Super Bowl on acid would feel like. For fans of: light trails and head trauma.

- JJ

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