Motion Media Arts Center offers individual artists, organizations, or otherwise unincorporated groups the opportunity to be fiscally sponsored through the MMAC umbrella. We are dedicated to fulfill our mission of supporting every aspect of productions from idea to distribution, and our goal to empower, educate, and help develop emerging artists to be active participants in shaping our creative culture.

WHAT’S THE BENEFIT TO THE PROJECTS? By fiscally sponsoring artists, organizations, and otherwise unincorporated group, MMAC is bringing them under the umbrella of our 501c3 status, giving them access to resources and benefits only open to nonprofit organizations. Sponsored artists & organizations are then able to give donors the incentive of a charitable deduction through a secure established nonprofit organization, access to apply for foundation and government grant funding, and in-kind donations & sponsorship with a tax-deductible incentive. Interested in learning more or applying to become a sponsored project? VIEW FULL DETAILS

To make a secure, tax-deductible donation directly to a project that is currently fiscally sponsored by MMAC, simply click on its corresponding button below.


Founded in 2015 by Taryn Lavery, Alex Miller and Lucy Wilson, BLiPSWiTCH is interested in the collaboration of any and all things art and was founded as an inclusive platform for: artists to unite, create work, and cultivate a multifaceted arts community, unbound by individual mediums. We will push the boundaries of movement, dance, and art to facilitate an environment of innovation, enrichment, and outreach. Bringing together creators with a desire for collaboration allows us to reach a more diverse audience, promote education from all sides, and challenge both the artist and viewer to think in a new way.

Matt Koshmrl’s Dokdo Lone Island is a film about the roots of identity, legacy, and national sentiment, told with three journeys connected by one small island: Dokdo. Dokdo explores the personal reasons that motivate three advocates to fight for this controversial conflict, and brings a challenging perspective on nationalistic pride.

Caleb Kuntz’s Endless Light is an Alaskan-made film that explores a young woman's journey through mental illness & finding healing in the wake of her brother's suicide. Her recovery is upended by a traveling Dionysian musician who reignites her passion for life. Banded together, they conjure the mysticism of Alaska's wilderness to communicate with her deceased brother.

Melissa Kirkendall's documentary YOU ARE ME & I AM YOU  about the famous indigenous midwife and shaman of Cotacachi, Ecuador who is helping to improve families lives and influence western medicine through her practice of pakarina (the ancient indigenous way of child birth) and the use of medicinal plants to heal people.

Pitt Garrett’s Songwriters Across Texas television show features local songwriters and their great music as well as interviews with each artist about their musical journey. Our mission is to "Get the Music Out". Discover songwriters through their interviews and songs to learn how they are touching lives through the creative process of songwriting.

Sharon Arteaga's When You Clean a Stranger’s Home is a cinematic essay narrated by Abby, a first-generation high school senior who writes an essay describing what her and her mom learn about people when cleaning their homes. House decor and items left around convey a privilege that unveils Abby’s jealousy, judgment, frustrations, and finally her realization that she is taking her own opportunities for granted.