Creative Filmmaking: Music Video Production

Creative Filmmaking: Music Video Production


Do you want to make music videos but are unsure where to start? How do you get your vision down and present it to the world?

This class is designed to give you insight into the practical concerns involved with completing a music video from top to bottom. Join seasoned filmmaker and musician John Valley for an intensive 8-week digital filmmaking course in creating a cinematic music video.

John draws on his experience directing video for bands & musicians such as Whiskey Shivers, A Giant Dog & Sweet Spirit, and through this course you will not only be guided through his process for marketing his video concepts to a band or record label but learn how to: conceptualize a project, collaborate with a musical artist or band, produce, shoot, direct, and edit a music video.

Production topics covered include:

  • Writing a treatment for the song or musical piece

  • Planning the production in storyboards and shot lists

  • Budgeting and shooting schedule

  • Aesthetics/Style

  • Learning how to shoot and keep the film in sync with the music

    Alongside the production aspect, the course will emphasis the importance of applied philosophy and self management within the industry, including such topics of discussion as:

  • The Band & The Song

  • Budget

  • Concepts

  • Production

  • Exhibition

  • Networking

From active or aspiring filmmakers, directors, editors, cinematographers or anyone who wants to take their video skills to the next level, this project-based course will teach students technical skills, how to create a clear vision, and networking strategies with students walking away with a 2-5 completed music video of their own.

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INSTRUCTOR:  John Valley studied film and theater at the University of Iowa in Iowa City. His training in directing came from Emeritus Professor of directing, Tisch Jones, who founded the Darwin Turner Action Theatre which brought students into classrooms and community centers around the state to explore social and political topics. Since his move to Austin, John has directed over 40 music videos and a feature film that he also produced, wrote and co-starred in. He has also appeared in over 30 stage productions and numerous films, including Robert Rodriguez’s 2019 independent feature Red 11 and reality series, Rebel Without A Crew.

Selected works of John’s can be found at

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Anyone who wants to diversify their writing techniques; work toward the ASoF Digital Video Certificate; or set aside the time and space to draft, revise, receive feedback for, and direct actors to perform your feature-length screenplay. Students must be at least 16 years old to take this class.

PRE-REQUISITES:  Digital Filmmaking or film production experience. Prior to taking this class, students must have editing experience with at least one of the following softwares: Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, or DaVinci Resolve.

SUPPLIES: Students will have to supply any materials or personnel to complete their music video beyond the resources provided by ASoF. We encourage students to work on each others projects. Students will have access to our iMac lab, equipment rental, studio spaces and co-working area during the duration of the course for their film needs.

CERTIFICATE: ASoF Digital Video Certificate elective class.

This course and all ASoF courses are certified with the Texas Education Agency (TEA) to provide Continue Professional Educational (CPE) credits.

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