Experimental Filmmaking II

Experimental Filmmaking II


A follow up to Austin School of Film’s unique Avant Garde & Experimental Filmmaking class, Experimental Filmmaking II is a 8-week project-based course incorporating both digital and film formats. In this course, students will produce a 5 minute experimental short film and/or audio/visual installation utilizing such mediums as: 16mm direct animation, Super 8, and digital compositions with various technology including DSLR & speciality digital cameras/tools.

This course provides students with an exciting environment for analysis, exploration, and critique of modern experimental cinema, filmmakers, and video artists in a small class setting to foster participation, discussion, collaboration, and experimentation of nontraditional methods of storytelling and creating digital media. We’ll explore experimental approaches to structure, style, technology, and gear while simultaneously creating (from concept to production), an experimental short of your own.

Students will gain a deeper knowledge of visual storytelling, as well as how to utilize both analog and emerging technologies to create film/new media.  This course is dedicated to the appreciation of film as an art form and a medium of expression. All work will be exhibited in a special showcase at the end of each class session.

Films completed in this course are eligible to be featured at multiple ASoF student showcases, including our Official SXSW (South by Southwest) Community Film Screening.

* photo credit: still images by Faiza Kracheni

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INSTRUCTOR: Faiza Kracheni is a born and raised Texan who currently serves as Austin School of Film's Education & Programming Director. In October 2015, Faiza founded two new programs for the Central Texas community including a sister-program to premiere under the Motion Media Arts Center umbrella, Austin Cinemaker Space in 2016. Austin Cinemaker Space will merge media arts education and community, demand fluency with ever evolving technologies, create and foster a more active learning process and directly serve as a reflection of the changing norms in educational and creative environments in digital media and film for the Austin Community. In addition to her involvement with MMAC, she is an active artist and musician within the Austin community.

This course is sponsored by  Kodak Motion Picture Film

This course is sponsored by Kodak Motion Picture Film

WHO SHOULD ATTEND:  Students with an interest in art and experimental methods within filmmaking and media creation. Ages 18 & older.

PRE-REQUISITIES: Avant Garde & Experimental Filmmaking or Intro to Super 8 Filmmaking or equivalent Super 8 filmmaking knowledge.

SUPPLIES: Students are responsible for covering any expenses incurred by their short film. All supplies for in-class provided. Students may rent Super 8 film camera + purchase film stock at a discounted rate. Students get free access to ASoF studios, in-house gear rentals, and darkroom for the duration of the class.

CERTIFICATEASoF Digital Video Certificate elective class.

This course and all ASoF courses are certified with the Texas Education Agency (TEA) to provide Continue Professional Educational (CPE) credits.

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