VOICE ACTORS WANTED for Untitled Las Vegas Misadventure-Drama [PAID]

Type of Production: Short Film

Writer: A.J. Miranda

Director: A.J. Miranda

Looking For: CAST

Project Description: 

Plot: It's his 30th birthday and he just went broke at the poker tables. To drown his sorrows, a struggling gambler consumes way too much edible marijuana and is plummeted into a bizarre, neon-soaked night of misfortune, misadventure, and self-discovery on the Las Vegas Strip.

Production: This film is self-funded and was shot on location in Las Vegas last month (July 2018). We are now in post-production in Austin. By design, there is very little dialog. The film, though quickly paced, moves mostly through moments of observational silence and quiet introspection. To emphasize the unnamed protagonist's sense of isolation and disconnect, most dialog scenes are shot with only his side of the conversation appearing on screen. As a result, we need voice actors to bring the off-camera sides of these conversations to life.

Cast: To clarify, these parts are all voice roles and will not appear on camera. They vary from comedic to dramatic. Some are more overtly performative while others are subtle. Don't let the lack of named characters deter you. The protagonist goes unnamed also. This is intentional. These are the following voice roles that need to be cast...

Frat Bro (male, 20s or 30s) - Irresponsible, stubborn, but will listen to reason.
Frat Bro's Friend (male, 20s or 30s) - A no-nonsense guy who busts his friends chops.
Fan on the Street (male, 40s or older) - Enthusiastic but awkward, his compliments are delivered unintentionally backhanded.
Woman at Hotel - (female, 20s or 30s) - After a night of partying she is determined and not taking anyone's shit.
Man at Hotel (male, 20s or 30s) - Bumbling but apologetic, he is Woman at Hotel's partner.
Bartender (female, 20s or above) - Serves up cheap drinks at a dive bar and is the master of this dingy domain.
Sarcastic Whisperer (male, 20s or 30s) - He talks trash about someone behind their back.
Whisperer's Friend (male, 20s or 30s) - He joins his friend in the trash talk.
Poker Dealer (any gender, 20s or above) - A card dealer with an authoritative stern voice.
Poker Opponent (male, 20s or above) - Knows he has the winning hand.
Cab Driver - (any gender, 20s or above) - A curious taxi driver trying to make conversation.

Casting: If you have little-to-no experience, that is okay. We just want people who are enthusiastic about collaborating and have distinct voices. If you are interested, email the address listed in this post and we will provide more details. Just let us know which role or roles you are interested in, and please share any links to prior acting work (if possible). This will move pretty quickly with the goal of having dialog recorded this month (August). We don't expect recording sessions to take more than an hour for each performer. We will pay each performer a fair rate for the hour of work.

The goal is to have the film completed by the end of this month and begin submitting for the 2019 festival circuit.

Compensation: PAID

Contact: A.J. Miranda | ajmiranda.contact@gmail.com