MIX/VHS | Week 075

Week 075

We are SO READY for the weekend, we started celebrating a lil' early and made you this eclectic list of neat vidz to check out! Music vidz, funny vidz, exciting vidz YOU NAME IT! We've got it! Enjoy this week's MIX/VHS!

Yeah, I'm In The Industry.


Boy oh boy! This is funny as flip! Shout out to all my LA friends who have to endure this pretentious BS every day. Also, this is the standard for the use of a can of La Croix as as prop.

- Spencer

Mission: Impossible - Fallout


This movie is insane. I love the Mission Impossible series, it has hit every high and every low - from literally death-defying stunts to some of the most corny dialogue imaginable - the films continue to focus on the bringing to life the high-riser stakes, and hitting them harder and harder each go around. Fallout is no exception, and hot damn, is it a wildly fun ride. From some of the best car chases put to celluloid, to a gripping helicopter chase, Cruise and company bring another beautiful exciting film into the action foray. Long live the IMF!

- Jake

Pale Blue Dot // Ross From Friends


Ross From Friends is a major figure in the contemporary lo-fi house scene, and this is a music video for one of the singles off his new album, Family Portrait. All of this footage was shot by his mother during a tour of Europe that his dad (also a DJ) embarked on in 1990. The goal of the journey was to travel across Europe with a generator and a soundsystem and throw spontaneous parties wherever they went. Looks like it was a blast.

- Morgan

Restful Sleep


Vote for the short film that your local sad boy, Spencer is in! This is something I can see happening to him one day.

- Miranda

Samovar - Words of the World


Words of the World is a fun, diverse series of engaging conversations with academics from the UK’s University of Nottingham. The word of the day is samovar: the ornate, Grecian-looking tea making implement used in 19th century Russia. They’re always cropping up in Dostoevsky’s novels – even his wretched “Underground Man” owns one; it’s clearly a point of pride for him. As I’m currently soldiering through Brothers Karamazov, I wanted to learn more about these fixtures of the 19th century Russian drawing room. Professor Cynthia Marsh fits the bill perfectly, candidly discussing the use, history, and significance of the samovar in Russian society. Meaning that the next time you see Chekhov on stage, or sample a flight of vodkas at Austin’s Russian House, you’ll know what that strange metal urn with the spigot is doing, up in its hallowed corner of the room.

- Matt

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