MIX/VHS Week 098

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As we slowly start creeping our way towards summer break, we start to remember the fun summers of our childhoods. Running around outside playing with friends, days on the SNES or N64, and most importantly, movies! Sit back and soak up the nostalgia that our MIX/VHS team have hand selected just for you.

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With Summer fast approaching, and nostalgia always in the media zeitgeist, I always find myself returning to the masterful works of directors in the 80s. Sure, it is usually out of a desperate want to return to the age of innocence, a time of playing tag with the neighborhood friends, or racing bikes down the street with cards taped to the wheels. But the days are far gone or slipping further and further away. So, I turn to Spielberg or Carpenter or Donner (the list goes on, of course). And nothing so eloquently plays with childhood discovery and the pressure of adulthood better than E.T. If you haven't seen it, or you remember it as a kids film, be sure to revisit it sometime soon. It is truly a director working at their own peak.





I was re-watching this movie as an adult a few weeks back and noticed so much that had gotten past me as a child.  Firstly, keep an eye on the set decor in her bedroom.  I won't ruin it for you, but it's a pretty great seek-and-find once you begin noticing.  I also had forgotten how refreshing practical animatronics were.  Everyone is CG'ed in these days, but not in this Jim Henson world!  I also laughed pretty hard when Jareth throws the baby in the air.  You'll know it when you see it.  I love this movie, maybe more than I should.





What happens when Peter Pan grows up? When all hope and marbles seem to be lost? Well there's still a spark of imagination to hold onto in this adventure of a lifetime and who better to go on it with than the great Robin Williams.


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie



Like all 90's children the totally rad teenagers with attitude were a big part of my childhood. The show was amazing and the movie hits all the right notes, people in suits fighting monsters and..... well that's all you need really. Sure the acting is hammy and the CGI is just really bad, like really bad. Although it does make for a fun trip down memory lane and shows the weight the name Power Rangers carried back in the day.



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