CASTING CALL For Short Film "Mia"

Director: Andie Turner

Project Description:

“Mia” is a 5-minute short film to be made for the Introduction to Digital Filmmaking class at AFS. The film revolves around a day in the life of Mia Medway, a stay-at-home wife who struggles with an eating disorder. A traumatic accident changes the way she perceives her illness.

Mia Medway: A stay-at-home mom in her 30s/40s. Mia is hardworking, detail-oriented - and also bulimic. She has never told anyone about her eating disorder, but one day the consequences the illness finally bring it into the light.  

Steve Medway: Mia’s husband. Steve is generous and kind, but a bit absent-minded. He has no idea about his wife’s struggles but wants to do anything to support his family.

Doctor: Advises Mia on her health after she has a traumatic accident. May have a sense that Mia has an eating disorder, but doesn’t say anything.

Audition Date: 04/28/2019

Compensation: Non-Paid | Meals | Transportation