The Power of Podcasts & Audio Storytelling

If you’ve ever asked for a podcast recs from friends — you may find yourself immediately supplied with a lengthy list of “must listens”. It’s easier than ever to find and listen to literally thousands of podcasts on any topic imaginable. Podcasts are amongst the most prominent cultural phenomenon in the United States, but why are podcasts so hot right now AND how do you turn your idea into an audio story?

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Unscripted Storytelling: Learn The Art of Doc Format

Documentaries are a way to connect communities and provide life changing information. They spotlight important issues, people, or causes and be created in different formats from short films to social media content. Viewers can access docs on a wide variety of digital platforms such as Instagram or Facebook and in traditional screening settings. It is the beauty of unscripted storytelling that engages the viewer to the topic at hand. 

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