CASTING CALL For Short Film "Violence of the Sun"

Director: Bret Dorman

Project Description:

Logline: The military awakens an AI to assassinate a dangerous prisoner. 

This film will be B-Movie/Exploitation Flick influenced by movies such as Hobo with a Shotgun, Italian Horror (Giallo), and Godzilla movies.


Commander Cook: Male, 40+, Any race. Commander Cook is an overzealous career military general who is prepared to go to any lengths to make sure his target does not escape alive.

Desk Jockeys: Males, Any Age, Any Race. Henchmen types who are adequate at their jobs.

N309: Male, 20+, Any Race. An artificial intelligence who is given a mission. However, the closer he gets to his target, the more he begins to question his orders.

The Man: Male, 50+, Any Race. A prisoner who has been kept away from society for a long time. He communicates non verbally since his vocal cords have been removed. Long hair/beard preferred.

Compensation: Paid | Non-paid | Meals | DVD/Digital Copy

Audition Date: 03-02-2019