CAST & CREW CALL For Music Video "Tax Brackets"

Producer: Ron “A.P” Davis

Project Description:

A music video with less than five minutes in runtime. I am the artist. The music video is based upon my song "Tax Brackets". I want the video to be shot in three scenes. An open field, a restaurant, and in a studio. 
The scene in the field will be open and solo scene of just the music artist.
The scene in the restaurant will be with the artist, lead female, and the extras.
The studio scene will be with the artist and lead female.

The song has not been released yet, and will only be provided to the cast and crew. 

For a review of the artist, the current released music can be found on all streaming services such as iTunes, Spotify, Youtube, etc; under the name Ron A.P.  

I want to film this production within 8-10 hours if possible.


Lead) Female: 
Wardrobe: Casual Fashion/ Street Fashion
Ethnicity: Any, Age:18-35, Build: slim or athletic build, Height: 5'4-5'10".

Depicted as members of my family and inner circle
wardrobe: casual street
--Males: Ethnicity: Black, Age: 18-40, Build: Any.
-Females: Ethnicity: Black, Age: 18-40, Build: Any.

Depicted as older racist couple in fine-dining restaurant:
wardrobe: business attire
--Male: Ethnicity: Caucasion, Age: 50+, Build: Any
--Female: Ethnicity: Caucasion, Age 50+, Build Any

Extras in restaurant: total of 7 extras:
wardrobe: business attire
Gender: Male or Female, Ethnicity: Caucasian, Build Any

Crew Positions Available:

Director of Photography


Sound and Boom Operators



Compensation: Non-paid | Meals | DVD/Digital Copy

Date of Audition: 01-05-2019