12 DAYS OF CLASSES | Production Management


What’s does production management even mean?

Have a script but have no idea what to do next?  

Really intimidated by creating a budget breakdown?

Have no clue how to raise funds for your next project?

Have that unfindable location?

These are questions you may be asking yourself right now and we have some answers for you but first things first: pre-production & planning is crucial to any project no matter the size & budget!

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s get into it!

One of the easiest ways to bring your film production in under budget and on time is by properly planning your shoot and making the most out of pre-production.  Many people get into filmmaking because they want to direct or run the camera, but this run and gun mentality can end up just shooting yourself in the foot. What takes true creative power and energy is breaking down the script into its elements and organizing all the people, places, things, time, and money.  It’s constant creative problem solving, and if it doesn’t happen, neither does the film.

Our 12-hour Production Management class is led by MMAC Community Director, educator & indie Producer Carrie Cates, who has produced 4 feature length films and many independent short films over the course of her career. She also produces work for global clients such as Warner Bros. Studios and The Chive, among others. She is the co-founder of Austin Youth Film Festival who are on their sixth year! Through her festival, she has been responsible for PR & Development, hosting such guests as Paul Beck (Animator, A Scanner Darkly, Waking Life, Tower) & Jeff Nichols (Dir. Take Shelter & Loving) . Needless to say, she’s a seasoned indie Producer & wonderful addition to our faculty AND staff (yeah, she’s that talented).


Over the course of two days, students will learn hands-on how to create a pre-production workflow. You wil set goals, and gain local industry resources that will help you make not only your next project, but all the ones to follow.  It can be an incredibly daunting process to attack a script and bring it to the screen, but when it’s broken into steps and you have the tools you need to get through each of them, you’ll make it look easy… and your films look even better.

This knowledge is a must for any level of filmmaker, media content creators, and production company. Students will leave class with the skills needed to fill production positions and a firm grasp on production terminology, reading & creating a budget, how to handle various types of expenses and so much more!

Production Management
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Production Management
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