CAST AND CREW CALL For Short Film "For Jaime"

Director: Madison Carnline

Project Description:
This is a student short film (~10 mins long) about a pianist who is dealing with the death of her brother. She visits her friend at a second-hand bookshop and obtains a sheet of old music. Unbeknownst to her, the music sheet is cursed. Now she must battle it out with a vengeful spirit and try to escape.

The shooting location is in San Antonio.

Date of Audition: 07-11-2019
If you cannot make the audition date and time, please send me an email with your headshot and, if possible, a video of a 60 second or less monologue.

Character Breakdowns:

Odele: Female, mid 20s. The pianist and lead character. (piano skills required)
Eli: Male, early 20s. Odele's best friend and clerk at the bookshop.
Evil Spirit: Male, ageless. Needs a spooky element, he is mainly a shadowed figure.

Crew Positions:

-Spooky Makeup

Compensation: Non-paid | Meals