CASTING CALL For Short Film "Pre-Game"

Type of Production: Short Film

Director: Naomi Wilson

Project Description:

“Pre-Game” is a short film about Thea, the things she wishes she could say aloud and the things her friends don’t realize they’re saying.

Roles Available:

Thea (Lead): Female (18-25)
Ethnicity: Black/Multiracial
Raised by her white mother in a white community, Thea’s used to comments on things like her skin color or her hair. As the time comes closer to leave her hometown, she wrestles with the idea of who she is, who she’s been and who her friends think she is.

Dylan (Supporting): Female (18-25)
Ethnicity: White
Dylan is one of Thea’s friends and has been since childhood. She’s a flower child; Confident, liberated and believes she was born in the wrong decade, but isn’t always aware of the things that come out of her own mouth.

Annie (Supporting): Female (18-25)
Ethnicity: White
Annie is Thea’s best friend. She is caring and loyal, playing the role of ‘the fixer’ in the group. She has a tendency to be a know-it-all even though her intentions are good.

Cady (Supporting): Female (18-25)
Ethnicity: White
Cady is the least close to Thea. She is strong-willed and a little thin-skinned. She is outspoken and confident. She’s the type of person you want in your corner although she has no problem calling out a friend.

Dates of Audition:


Compensation: Non-Paid | Meals | DVD/Digital Copy | Transportation