CASTING CALL For Short Film "Follow"

Type of Production: Short Film

Director: Adam Arevalos

Project Description:

A 5 minute short film of a young male named Tom going to the mall for what is suppose to be a regular shopping day but turns out to be a paranoid outing as to his knowledge believes he's being followed by a mysterious man.

Roles Available:

Tom (Lead, Male, 20-30) - The main character Tom is a regular guy leaving from his job to go shopping at the mall. From going place to place he soon realizes someone is following him and spends the rest of day trying to lose him, being paranoid of what this man wants.

Mysterious Man (Supporting, Male, 22-35) - This part will probably have no lines if anything maybe one. The mysterious man will just be the person Tom will see for the whole day with an off putting vibe and look to scare Tom and make feel creeped out.

Compensation: Non-Paid | Meals | DVD/Digital Copy