SXSW 2018 Film Review | Breaker Uppers

Enjoy a good New Zealand comedy?  Well, look no further!  We're reviewing films all SXSW in a short, spoiler-free fashion all week!  Enjoy!


SXSW 2018: Breaker Uppers, Dir. Madeleine Sami and Jackie van Beek

Comedies are so much more fun to watch when you can tell the filmmakers had fun making them. Based on that, Madeleine Sami and Jackie van Beek were having a blast. They play two besties who run a business professionally breaking up couples. Great concept for a flick, and it drives the plot and the laughs nicely. The gigantic cast of who’s who comedians of New Zealand should draw you in alone, but stay for a giggle-fest about friendship.

- Kyle