SXSW 2018 Film Review | Ready Player One

Holy cow y'all!  We were at the premiere of Steven Spielberg's Ready Player One last night, and it was a WILD ride!  Cannot wait to be able to talk about it in more depth, but for now, here's a spoiler-free review.  Get excited!


SXSW 2018: Ready Player One, Dir. Steven Spielberg
I had the honor and pleasure of seeing the world premiere with Spielberg and cast in attendance, and the energy and the hype in that theater made it probably the best movie going experience I’ve ever had. It captures the spirit of the book while taking liberties to skyrocket the story to exciting new places. It pulls you in to the world and moves at 88mph through geektastic action and adventure. It has that ONE sequence that EVERYONE is going to be talking about (seriously do yourself a favor and avoid more detailed reviews/spoilers). It reminds us why we love the things we do. Movies, video games, music, all these things matter and are on glorious display in ultimate appreciation. Some may argue the human drama is lacking, but the spectacle and magic at work here makes this an event movie for all to enjoy. All gushing aside, I’d like to quote Spielberg himself from his introduction on the journey we take in the movie:

“Just remember one thing: the side windows are for cultural references, the windshield is for the story. If you look straight ahead, you can always follow the story”.