MIX/VHS | Week 047

Another week is almost in the books, so start your weekend early with these great recommendations from the folks at MIX/VHS! Find your new favorite thing to watch here!!



Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 11.30.27 PM


Check out this nifty sci-fi short for some great prod design and world building. For fans of oxygen and family.

-  JJ

The Young Pope (Episode 3 Opening Scene)



The Young Pope demonstrates how tremendous focus and energy can conquer the most unlikely tasks. If you've ever felt as though you achieved something through sheer will, this is right up your ally. To the rest, watch and reevaluate your potential.

-  Clete

Obsessive Pop Culture Disorder

cracked image


Internet lists seem to be the biggest time suck, at least to me personally, to come out of this new era of content streaming. This particular web series, produced by Cracked, tends to stick out because of their more than half-decent production value and concise clip editing. The wise-cracking smart-aleck deconstruction makes for a worthwhile watch as well. This is one of my favorite episodes because it highlights and dissects the cartoonish violence of some blockbuster biffs, stuff you shouldn't be laughing at but ultimately do.  The After Hours series put on by Cracked is also definitely worth checking out for any film buff.

-  Cameron

Super Dark Times



Super Dark Times recently premiered at TFF, as well as Austin's own genre-film festival, FantasticFest. It is the feature debut for director Kevin Phillips, stars an incredible cast of relatively unknowns, and written by two relatively unknown writers. I went into this film as blindly as possible - I had not seen the trailer, or read any plot synopsis, had only seen the vague and sinister poster, and heard through a friend to go see it. It had one 11:00pm screening on a Thursday night at Alamo, and I immediately went to it. This film blew me away, and is swiftly becoming my favorite film of the year. It is a dark, disturbing, animalistic portrayal of humanity, and the survivalist tendencies we carry deep inside. It is beautifully shot, composed, designed, performed, directed, written, etc. Do me a favor, go into this blindly, and just let it envelope you.

-  Jake

The VVitch



While I hate period pieces as I have a lot of trouble suspending disbelief while my mind is thinking ‘is this accurate’, this one did a decent job of distracting me.  There are some really great images sprinkled throughout the piece that will really stick with me, and the locations and cinematography is beautiful.  I had a little trouble with Black Phillip toward the end, but over-all the payoff is pretty worth it.  This will definitely give me some wild dreams and keep me out of the woods for a while.

-  Carrie

Marcel The Shell With Shoes On

Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 6.30.02 PM


Stop, animate, and listen….to Marcel. He’s is a one-eyed snail with shoes and lots to share about his activities, hobbies, hopes, and disappointments. He’s the collaboration of Dean Fleischer-Camp and Jenny Slate, who also lends her voice to Marcel. He may have a tiny shell, but he has a big heart! You’ll fall in love with him, so thank goodness there’s two more episodes, a book, and a fourth episode on the horizon. 

-  Stephanie

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