MIX/VHS | Week 030

It's hot hot HOT outside this late May in ATX! Stay cool + watch some cool stuff we recommended for MIX/VHS this week!


Jumpin' Jive // Cab Calloway and the Nicholas Brothers

From left: Fayard Nicholas and Harold Nicholas in Andrew L. Ston


There is nothing like the high energy, classic jazz from the master Cab Calloway. And to top off this video, it has some of the best tap-dancers in the world performing with perfection to the tune Jumpin' Jive. La La Land has nothing on the oldies.
- Jake

A Continuous Shape



An intimate look into the life of a stonecarver in South London as she creates a piece. From the first shot to the last every frame is gorgeous and gives the viewer a real sense of the atmosphere in her workshop. This short portrait-documentary was made by the creative partnership ‘Eyes and Ears’ comprised of Jack Webber and Tommaso Di Paola. Their visual style is very personal and yet polished and cinematic.  I found the examination of Anna Rubincam’s passion and creativity very inspiring, hope you do too!

-  Jeremy

Silicon Valley (Season 1, Episode 6)



Lately, I've been going through a classic all-my-favorite-shows-are-being-cancelled-or-ending phase, but I just heard Silicon Valley is coming back for a season 5 (there is a god!).  Anyway, I was just thinking back on some of my favorite moments from the show, and realized they all pretty much center around this great character, Jared Dunn.  Episode 6 of season 1 was the beginning of that fascination with the guy with the worst luck.  You should definitely be watching this show created by Austin native, Mike Judge, but if you aren't, check out the clip and see if that doesn't spark a binge this long weekend.

-  Carrie

I Need A Hug

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 3.59.27 AM


This small and goofy short from Austin filmmaker Steve Collins deconstructs couples therapy to it's absolute core. Perfectly casted and acted, we watch as a couple works through their increasingly absurdist relationship needs as a Christpher Guest-ian therapist guides them along. For fans of balloon animals and therapy.

 - JJ

Twin Peaks



With all the hype for the return of David Lynch's classic show, I had to check out the original to see what all the fuss was about. And it's weird. It's weird, y'all. Perfect in it's mix of tense murder mystery, soap opera, and absurdist Lynch-ian imagery, the world of Twin Peaks is too tantalizing to ignore.

-  Spencer

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