MIX/VHS | Week 031

Twisted, kooky, wild, hilarious, quiet, thought-provoking, and everything in between: MIX/VHS has curated yet another eclectic mix of visual media for you to watch with your eyes!! Whether you love only one these recommendations, or love them all, there's something for everyone. As always, we hope you enjoy!  


How a Six-Year-Old Became One of Japan's Instagram Icons



Vice recently decided to do a feature on the wonderful style icon Coco Hamamatsu (or as most know her @coco_pinkprincess). Coco and her family were displaced after the Fukushima disaster and decided to start anew in Tokyo. There, Coco discovered and blossomed in the Harajuku street fashion scene. At the time of filming she had 53k followers on Instagram and is currently up to 71k!! She's 6 years old! What?!

-  Felix

The Avalanches // Frankie Sinatra

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 11.50.02 PM


I'm a sucker for anything that starts out normal - idyllic, even, and gradually descends into chaos and depravity. Frankie Sinatra doesn't really bother with the gradual part, as we're quickly thrust into the insanely colorful, insanely disturbing and just overall insane spread of a neon yellow gatorade virus through the swampy bayous of The South, USA. You can thank me, or slap me, when you're still belting out "Ahhhh Frank-ie Sinatra!" a month from now. For fans of paintball and acid trips.

-  JJ

Barry Jenkins' Closet Picks



It's easy to forget that even the greatest of us are students of the craft. Criterion Collection filmed acclaimed film director Barry Jenkins (Moonlight) go into their closet of Blu-Ray copies of the collection & lets him take as many as he wants. And he takes so man. So so many! You really can see the love for films that this man has just in the way his giddiness gets the best of him in talking about cinema. If you need a fire starter to be re-impassioned with your art, watch this Academy Award winning film director geek out about movies.

-  Spencer

Quasi at the Quackadero



This 1975 animated Sally Cruikshank classic is perfect in every way. From the cheeky voiceovers to the fluid animation style, it's truly a piece that blazed a trail in animation for years into the future. I love the strange themes that are referenced in each ride and attraction Quasi and the gang take part in, from time travel to having your last night's dream painted on a canvas by reading you mind, it's all so trippy and amazing. Be sure to check it out if you haven't seen it already, it's really something special.
- Sloane

My Brother, My Brother, and Me



Seeso's Original 6-episode series, My Brother, My Brother, and Me, based on a podcast of the same name, might be the funniest show I have ever seen. The hilarious McElroy brothers are asked questions, and they provide advice. In a similar vein to Nathan For You, these good ol' boys go through very obscure routes to provide insight and advice to help their viewers, and the journey is incredibly funny. The series is addicting, non-stop, and I was crying laughing for the entire series.
- Jake

Zach Anner & The Quest for the Rainbow Bagel

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 10.30.47 PM


I've been a fan of Zach's YouTube channel for a while now.  His hilarious take on life, making great comedy out of what would get most of us down on ourselves. There is something about his animated character that you just can't help but smile about.  I got really excited when I found out that he lives in Austin.  It has somewhat become a goal of mine to meet this YouTube celeb.  Anyway, this video he made to shed light on the real problem of handicapped accessibility not only has such a great message, it's also really funny as well.  Very worth the watch.

-  Carrie

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