CREW CALL for Lacrosse Camp Video [PAID]


Project Title: Lacrosse Camp Video + Photos Type of Production: Training Video

Writer: Chris Bocklet

Director: Chris Bocklet

Looking for: CREW

Project Description: 

One to  two day shoot filming and photographing a Lacrosse Camp. May 30th - June 2nd at Westlake High. One or two days worth of work.

Looking for someone to help put together a lacrosse camp video displaying what we at the camp. Also looking for a couple short, 30-second to 1 minute clips that could be used for sponsored ads on Instagram for us. We want this video to be fun and exciting, and make other lacrosse kids want to come to our camps! In addition, we are also am looking for someone to come to the camp and take photos with a high resolution camera. 

Camp is May 30th - June 2nd at Westlake High School.  I think it should only take a day or at the most two for filming. 

Videos we have put together in the past for our sleep-away camps can be viewed here and here.

Compensation: PAID

Contact: Chris Bocklet |