SXSW Quick Review: Free Fire


What a rambunctious, wild rodeo! "Free Fire" was my first foray into director Ben Wheatley's work (although "High Rise" has been sitting in my Netflix queue forever) and I feel partially neglectful + disrespectful for not happening upon his films sooner.Thanks to a tight, witty script that favors simplicity of confinement rather than overblown plot, bullets are not just shot for bullets sake. Each one changes the game, with our motley crew of characters find themselves trapped in a warehouse shoot out after a textbook weapons deal gets mucked up. Seen this before? Think again. Wheatley allows the characters to shine over everything else, their strengths + flaws all explored through their actions. Their survival instincts telling us more about them and what they'll do next. The whole cast, from Armie Hammer to Cillian Murphy, Brie Larson to Sharlro Copley, on and on and on: they all knock it out of the park! Every line, every movement: it feels as fun to be in it as it is to watch it. Whoely original and god damn funny as all get out, I am SO jazzed for y'all to see this when it comes to theaters!