CAST + CREW CALL for Kit Holmes Dance Music Video


Project Title: The Bridge Type of Production: Music Video

Producer: Kit Holmes

Writer: Kit Holmes

Production Company: Kit Holmes Music


Looking for: CAST + CREW

Project Description: 

"The Bridge" is the title track to a new CD album project by Austin area-based performing songwriter Kit Holmes.

Concept: groups of people from around Austin/Texas/Country/World dancing on bridges (of all sizes) and lip-syncing to the track.

Ideally, each group is filmed by someone in their town and the video submitted to an editor in the Austin area.

Theme: We are the change we wish to see in the world, and therefore are a bridge across social, economic, political, etc. divides when we see we have more in common with each other than not. Beginning with kindness, respect and compassion, this song is the invitation to build "a world that works for everyone."

The overall feeling of the music video is one of a flash-mob. The album "The Bridge" is set to be released March 31, 2017. We'd ideally like to get the video completed on or before April 15.



Choreographer: to design a simple "signature" routine and teach to participants

Groups of dancers: All ages, genders, ethnicities and sizes. No dance experience required but ability to learn a simple routine, lip sync and move in time to the music is vital.



Camera operator(s) with own equipment preferred but we have a GoPro, DSLR and consumer-level digital video camera, and of course, smart phones.

Drone-camera owner/operator: for long and overhead shots (over water, toward bridges)

Editor: to review, compile and edit all video submissions,

Choreographer: to design a simple "signature" routine.

Director of Photography


Compensation: Non-Paid | DVD/Digital Copy

Contact: Kit Holmes |