MIX/VHS | Week 024

Getting in the mood for SXSW? Need some stuff to see? Look no further than MIX/VHS! This week, we're covering all bases for you, with great films, TV shows + music videos to make your week as perfect as can be! We hope you enjoy!  


Arrested Development SAD WALK



If you have never watched Arrested Development, just know there are so many great moments other than these. But something about the Bluth's sulking away to the tune of the famous Peanuts piano music is just so god damn perfect + god damn relatable.

-  Spencer




This short film has left me in awe of what we can teach ourselves to create. It is one of the installments of a larger project that is being created based on "the basic building blocks of nature."   Don't watch before going to bed. Also, I promise I'm not trying to hypnotize you.

-  Brooke

Strangers with Candy

image1 (1)


Another series from me this week! Strangers With Candy is a Comedy Central cult classic starring Amy Sedaris as Jerri Blank. Jerri is a 46 year old ex-con going back to high school to get her education. Her love of trouble making and weakness for hallucinogenics leads her into many a sticky situation. The bizarre humor and look of this show are completely it's own and I highly recommend you watch it all.
- Felix

All That Jazz

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 5.25.15 PM


This semi-autobiographical and eerily prescient feature from famous musical choreographer Bob Fosse (aka that dude who invented jazz hands) is a funny, sad, and above all else, grandiose look at how we grapple with death, and how our attempts to cheat the big sleep are often the things that bring it on the quickest. In addition to near-perfect pacing, acting, and intercutting for maximum effect, Fosse used a number of sonic techniques to bring us into the head of his alter-ego Joe Gideon, and force us to feel his denial, anger, bargaining- well, you get the idea.

-  JJ

I Don't Feel At Home In This World Anymore

jake mix


Sundance Grand Jury Winner I Don't Feel at Home in This World Anymore is an expertly crafted debut film from Macon Blair. You may know Blair from his excellent performances in Blue Ruin and Green Room, and now, with his directorial debut, Blair takes his audiences on a ride through Coen Brothers-esque territory. There is always a sense of dark fun; story twists and turns; macabre-like characters; and, of course, ultra-violence, in this revenge film that follows Ruth and Tony, two neighbors bent on finding Ruth's stolen laptop, and the perpetrators that committed the crime.

-  Jake

Naked Giants // Easy Eating



Seattle based band Naked Giants rock it out as usual in this video for their track 'Easy Eating'. The guys take the stage after the school dance has wrapped, and all who's there to witness it is the lone janitor. Surrounded with a warm glow, the video gives 80's prom vibes in all the right ways, resulting in an adorable, kitschy feel. This band is stellar, and I can't recommend them enough.

-  Sloane

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