Meet Our New Community Coordinator, Morgan McCoy!

Want to know more about our new Front Desk Community Coordinator, Morgan McCoy? Well, you're in luck! We sat down and asked her a couple of questions about herself for you! 13078093_1057233114324959_355498521_o

Quick Elevator Pitch: Where you from, where you’ve been, and where you going?

Morgan: I was born in Monterrey, California, but lived in Corpus Christi, Texas since I was six years old. I travel around the United States a lot. I was just on a two week Midwest tour with my band MeanGirls earlier this month where we played in nine different states going up to Chicago, Illinois and back down. I’m going to be in Austin for the next couple of years to build my film experience, then hopefully moving to Philadelphia to be with my two best friends.

 What’s your role on the Austin School of Film team?

M: My title is “Community Coordinator”. I answer the phone, get everything together for classes, and keep track of membership documents and registrations.

If you had a shortlist of films written down on a scrap of paper to use when someone asks you what are your favorite films, what would be on there?


1.) Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back 2.) Star Wars: Return of the Jedi 3.) Star Wars: A New Hope

  Yes, in that order.

Outside of the film world, what art inspires you?

M: Music has been a huge part of my life since I was young. Between booking shows, playing them, or just enjoying the music, it’s what takes up the majority of my free time. I’m also really into comic books for it’s combination of visual art and storytelling. Unfortunately I’m horrible at drawing, but it’s been fun trying to write my own.

Who’s your desert island band?

M: Oof. That’s difficult. I guess I’d choose Jets to Brazil. I’ve been listening to the only three albums they put out before breaking up for about a decade now and am still not even remotely sick of them.

What’s something small in life that makes you really happy?

M: The baby kitten that comes in here makes me pretty happy. I’d be even happier if everyone agreed to name it Crunchwrap Supreme like I suggested, though.