MIX/VHS | Week 003


This week's mix is chock full of great, eclectic media. We hope you enjoy!  

The Wolf Pack (dir. Crystal Morselle)


WATCH IT HERE: https://www.netflix.com/watch/80038206?tctx=0%2C0%2Cff41db92-083e-49dc-9039-ae2f0abd5ccc-19308803

An interesting , funny  and sometimes heartbreaking journey into the secret world of a family cut off from the world. I love this film, the filmmaker manages to tell an intense strange, family  story without a preconceived morality message.

-  Anne

Interesting Ball (dir. by Daniel Scheinert and Daniel Kwan)


WATCH IT HERE: https://vimeo.com/110808221

I was recently reminded of this film by a student (Thanks, Eli!) and later in the same week it came up again in a conversation with a friend (Hi Nathan!).  Interesting Ball escalates quickly.  I don't want to get too far into it, because the film really speaks for itself.  Plus, after you've seen it, you'll understand that it just cannot be explained.  This short film features some alarming special effects, and even after a good deal of research, I'm still not sure how they pulled them off.  I love the pacing that begins slow and really builds up nicely as the story itself gets more and more strange.  As anyone who is beginning to follow my recommendations might see, I have an affinity for shorts that have some kind of very hard-to-explain, but intriguing tone. This film fits that bill in a completely unique and original way.

-  Carrie

Daises (dir. Vera Chytilová)


WATCH IT HERE: http://www.hulu.com/search?q=daises

Daisies is a comedy-drama film written and directed by Věra Chytilová in 1966. It is considered an important film in a variety of areas including experimental filmmaking, feminist cinema and the Nová Vlna movement (Czech New Wave). The film follows two teenage girls both named Marie and their adventures...which happen to be the most absurdly humorous anarchic adventures you daydream about having while stuck at your desk working 9-5. The film incorporates slyly political themes mixed with beautiful and aesthetically pleasing imagery including a unique style of filmmaking like stop motion, bright pops of color and experimentation with word-play and empowerment of the feminist ideology. Originally banned by Czech authorities upon release, Daisies went on to receive the prestigious Grand Pix of the Belgian Film Critics Association and continuous to be an significant and influential film within cinema. Daisies happens to be one of my personal favorite films and urge everyone to check it out at least once in their life! You will not be disappointed. Now off to dream about bundles of flowers, cake for dinner and dancing like a fool...

- Faiza

Dating: Do's and Don'ts (dir. by Ted Peshak)


WATCH IT HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FxBOSdl-b54

Forget your dating apps - this video will tell you all about how to score a date with just the right person for you! If you want #relationshipgoals, look no further. Okay, I'm totally kidding. But, this is perfect for a few laughs.

-  Brooke

Soda Drinker Pro (Written by Will Brierly) 


PLAY IT HERE: http://sodadrinkerpro.com/ 

This is an insane video game I found on the Xbox store yesterday. It's basically a video game that simulates drinking soda. You can drink a soda in the desert, on a roller coaster, a human butt, and you can even drink a soda inside the soda your drinking. From what I can gather, most of the artwork is pulled from children illustrations and old Google sketchup models. It's refreshing and even a little surprising to see a video game on the Xbox store that's neither a multi-million dollar franchise behemoth or another cute, indie darling.

 -  Hamilton

Chasing Amy (dir by. Kevin Smith)


WATCH IT HERE: http://dvd.netflix.com/Movie/Chasing-Amy/1151188

Chasing Amy is a feel-good 90s rom-com about a comic book writer who falls hopelessly in love with a lesbian. This film explores the complexity and fluidity of sexuality within friendships & relationships, and touches on many relatable issues to this day (anti-Black racism, white supremacy, the objectification and tokenization of women in lesbian relationships, fragile masculinity of the cis-white-straight man, etc). 10/10. I cried. Would watch over and over again.

-  Bry

Eden (dir. by Mia Hansen-Løve)


WATCH IT HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JrciuccSbLQ

Inspired by her brother's foray into the world of the Parisian electronic dance movement, Mia Hansen-Løve's Eden follows a duo of DJs known as Cheers in their rise ,and fall, as participants in the house music explosion during the 1990s in France. To American cinema-goers, this film's marketing paints the movie as a story about some dudes who are buddies with Daft Punk who have wild techno parties, but the actors who portray the members of Daft Punk merely drift in and out of the story in short cameos, as a brief reminder to Cheers of "this is what you could be if you just get over the hump and make the big time". Do they achieve it, or do their souls come up empty? Partly epic, partly intimate, and chock full of neon aesthetic: Eden was the first film I ever saw at Sundance Film Festival, and two years later, is still as haunting and memorable as it was then.

-  Spencer

How To Lose Weight in 4 Easy Steps (dir. by Ben Berman)


WATCH IT HERE:  https://vimeo.com/149123295

I have watched this SNL/Good Neighbors/JASH/Tim and Eric/Conan O’ Brien love-child at least ten times since it’s release, and I aim to watch it many more. And so should you (assuming you have ever been through a break up/something bad, and wanted to change who you are as a result). HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT IN 4 EASY STEPS delves into the cynical nature of depression and self-deprecation that arises out of awful events: the kind that attach and devour ones psyche. But it is presented in a surprisingly touching, beautiful, realistic, and absolutely hilarious short film that is impressively connective, and entirely relatable. Honestly, this film hits closer to home that it has any rights to, and it is a hell of an entertaining romp along the way.

-  Jake

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