ASoF Alumni Screens Upcoming Feature Film "Synkhole"

On Tuesday, in one of the smaller theaters of Alamo Drafthouse - South Lamar, Ben Foster and Mark Dennis had a private test screening of their upcoming feature length film Synkhole for the first time on the big screen.  



Even with most of the final post-production elements such as VFX and original musical score absent, the Austin-based filmmakers wanted to get a sense of what an audience felt about the story and characters before they make their final tweaks in the editing room. Note cards and feedback sheets were handed out amongst the audience, with Ben and Mark stressing the importance of “harsh and honest feedback". After the screening, the filmmakers held a Q & A, asking the audience members for some additional vocalbfeedback.

The film follows a group of students who venture into the deep caves of remote Texas to locate a favorite archaeology professor, who inexplicably has gone missing while searching for the Fountain of Youth.

A mix of youthful, Goonies-esque adventure and complex science fiction concepts give the film a unique ability to connect with a wide audience range. There's something for everyone in this story.  And with some time left to finish the picture lock, the possibility for even more enhancement of the story is strongly anticipated.


Although part of the shoot took place in Bronson Canyon near Los Angeles, the majority of the film takes place in a remote cave location that was shot on the outskirts of Austin. Rather than outsourcing to another location, Ben and Mark reached out to an Austin School of Film member for access to the visually striking cave that was on their Texas property.

Ben is one of Austin School of Film’s first students, getting his start in one of ASoF's original Digital Filmmaking classes.

Synkhole has yet to announce its premiere date, but look for it to come out sometime later in 2016. The film stars Andrew Wilson (Rushmore, The Royal Tenenbaums), Cassidy Gifford, Reily McClendon, Brianne Howey, Olivia Draguicevich, and Max Wright.

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Written by: Spencer Mirabal