Must-See Movies in December


December is always a good time for films. As most directors are searching for that last minute academy award consideration, we see some of the best films come out in December. Right around Christmas is a big time for the film industry. With Star Wars taking over a lot of the upcoming movie hype, there are also a few more movies that you should keep your eye out for this holiday season. Obviously, Star Wars: The Force Awakens is at the top of the list for many movie fans out there. J.J Abram's new take on the Star Wars world is much anticipated and could end up being one of the top grossing films of all time. With the previous 6 film installments having their own legacy; I predict to see this new saga take its own new direction with the amazing potential the world of Star Wars already has. This film was a monumental overtaking by J.J Abram's and I expect the film to be highly successful.

The Revenant is another film being looked at for it's possible award consideration. Starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy, directed by Alejandro G. Inarritu; the story follows true events of a stranded hunter left in the wilderness who seeks revenge while persevering through a deadly winter. Inarritu's style for the most realistic looking films put this cast and crew through tough winter conditions just to make sure they had the most perfect shot. By choosing film locations that have never been seen in cinema before, Inarritu is deliberately trying to make this film stand out from the rest of the award nominations. The performance by Leonardo will determine if he will finally get that coveted Oscar he has wanted for years.

Another big film coming this Christmas; The Hateful Eight directed by Quentin Tarantino. Quentin goes for a more western style with his newest film. The film is slated to debut "in glorious 70mm (Ultra Panavision 70) which was a big push by Tarantino. Having the movie shot in 70mm, he gives a homage to his influential roots of old western films. The western genre is close to heart for Quentin so, The Hateful Eight is building up to be an epic depiction of what we might think the west once was. Or more importantly, Quentin Tarantino.

Another film getting a lot of media attention this holiday season is The Big Short. Stacked up with an extraordinary cast, a group of aggressive unrelated investors make a bet against the American economic crash and win. The true story follows the story of these four men that discover that the housing market was a bubble just waiting to be burst. They are some of the only to profit off the 2008 Economic Crisis and the comedic relief by the cast works to perfection due to the subject matter. This film is perfect for the movie goer that is sick of all the corporate corruption around the world that their head could explode. It's sadly apart of our world today but, films like these get to show that sometimes the big guys don't win.

Go see one of these Films between one of your Christmas dinners and I promise you won't leave disappointed.   I hope your Christmas and the rest of the holiday season is splendid and merry!

Written by: Samuel Leavitt