Intro to Podcasting & Audio Storytelling

Intro to Podcasting & Audio Storytelling


Ever had a great idea for a podcast or audio story?

It’s easier than ever to find and listen to literally thousands of podcast on any topic imaginable. Podcasts are relatively cheap to produce but how and what do you need to create them?

Our one-day workshop is designed to cover the basics of constructing a great story for audio, interviewing techniques, and technical aspects needed to create great tape. We've structured this workshop to be a hands-on fundamental stepping stone and learning tool for you.

Interested in learning more about podcasting or get new insights and spark inspiration to evolve your current show? Podcast Producer Myrriah Gossett will dive deep into preproduction, gear, recording techniques, and distribution. Students will work hands-on with audio gear, gain valuable information, and have the chance for real professional feedback.

Topics covered include:

  • conceptualization

  • preproduction & planning

  • production pipeline

  • recording at home vs a studio

  • editing, mixing and mastering

  • distribution platforms

  • tracking your listeners

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Cordelaine (Corey) Kline

INSTRUCTOR: Myrriah Gossett is an independent podcast producer in Austin, TX. She has close to 10 years of production experience and just this past spring managed to produce over 50 podcast episodes in just 10 days. She does not recommend doing that to anyone. You can hear her on mic as a co-host of the Star Trek Discovery Pod, and her name in the credits for the Founding Media Podcast Network, the new relaunch of the Bedpost Confessions Podcast, Creative Queso Podcast, Seen with Miranda Podcast, FOGO: Fear of Going Outside Podcast, and more.

Those interested in learning more about the ins and out of podcast production and audio storytelling.

CERTIFICATE: ASoF Digital Video Certificate elective class.

PRE-REQUISITES: None. All levels welcome.

SUPPLIES: all provided including audio gear for the duration of the workshop.


All of ASoF’s courses are certified by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) to provide Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits.


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