Intro to Cinema Cameras: Blackmagic & RED

Intro to Cinema Cameras: Blackmagic & RED

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If you want the most flexibility to adjust your images during post production, then you may want to consider cameras with raw recording capabilities. But when should you consider shooting raw? What are the pros and cons? Are these the right cameras for your upcoming projects?

Austin School of Film will dive deep into the key components that help filmmakers and media makers produce cinematic images on professional digital cinema cameras, and in doing so, hopefully help you make that all-important decision. Students will learn the fundamentals of prepping and operating cinema cameras: Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro & RED camera over the course of a 2-day weekend workshop.

Our workshop will also include:

  • what to look out for during a rental prep such as back focus

  • firmware

  • lens mount options

  • common methods for trouble shooting in the field

Students will be taken through the process of the camera technical aspects such as: menu operation, project set up, user buttons.

Through project-based learning, students will shoot practice scenarios and configurations as we are firm believers in learning-while-doing. Students will work with additional gear in class such as lighting, sound equipment, and non-linear editing platforms. 

This class is led by industry professional Travis Ward. Travis Ward is a pro Cinematographer for eight years. He works primarily with cinema cameras on-set from narrative short & feature films, corporate video production, and commercial clients.

FUN FACT: Travis owns multiple Blackmagic cameras and all stills for the class page are from films he was DP-ing. As one of our newest faculty members, Travis is eager to dive deep into the world of cinema cameras with the Austin film community. 

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INSTRUCTOR:  Travis Ward is a Texas professional Cinematographer and Video Producer. For the past 8 years, Travis has been working professionally in the Austin film industry behind the camera - from narrative shorts and features to corporate and individual creative clients. In 2017, he made the jump to being a self-employed filmmaker full time. In addition to his on-set expertise, he also a freelance editor and colorist, primarily using DaVinci Resolve in his toolbox.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Those interested in learning both the technical and creative aspects working with professional cinema cameras and/or those interested in learning more about cinematography and lighting when working with professional cinema cameras.

PRE-REQUISITES: You must have film production knowledge and be comfortable with filmmaking terminology. It is suggested to have completed: HD Camera Basics and Lighting for Film & Video or have the equivalent skill set.

CERTIFICATE: ASoF Digital Video Certificate elective class.

This course and all ASoF courses are certified with the Texas Education Agency (TEA) to provide Continue Professional Educational (CPE) credits.