CREW CALL for TV Show Episode "Movie Tripping"

Project Title: "Movie Tripping" Episode

Type of Production: Television Series

Producer: Cindy Weigand

Writer: Cindy Weigand

Director: Cindy Weigand

Production Company: BAR-O-BAR Ent. LLC

Looking for: CREW

Project Description: 

Ever since I recognized Pedernales Falls in Robert Rodriguez’s "Spy Kids", I’ve been fascinated how filmmakers and crew bring a screenplay to life with ingenuity and a little movie magic to take you to anyplace in the world.

The purpose of the program is to highlight the film industry in Texas by traveling to locations where noted movies were filmed and film identifiable locations for a short informational video of eight to ten minutes.

With the Texas Film Commission’s Film Friendly Communities Program and Texas Film Trails in mind, I will travel to Bastrop County, Texas, to Smithville, the first town to be designated as a Certified Film Friendly Community in Texas, and New Republic Studios, formerly Spiderwood Studios, where many movies, television shows and commercials have been filmed.

In Smithville, focus will be on the movies Tree of Life and Hope Floats. Additional movies will be listed in the credits.

At New Republic Studios, I will work with the studio to identify movies or television shows and specific locations where scenes were filmed.

I will host the show and the video will be produced by my company, BAR-O-BAR Entertainment, LLC. Photographer and editor have yet to be identified. 

When completed, the episode will be submitted to Austin Public to partially fulfill membership requirements to provide two programs for broadcast on Austin Public Access television. The episode will also be sent to Texas Film Commission to inform them that the episode will be aired at a future date. Another possibility is to post online for streaming such as on Vimeo or YouTube.

There possibility exists that I will need someone for Georgetown as well.

Willing to pay some, but budget is small.

Compensation: Meals | Transportation

Contact: Cindy Weigand |