CREW CALL for Feature-Length Documentary "Elephant Keeper"

Project Title: Elephant Keeper

Type of Production: Documentary

Producer: Kate Kirby

Writer: Kate Kirby

Director: Kate Kirby

Production Company: Kindred Planet Productions, LLC

Looking for: CREW

Project Description: 

Crowd-Funding Campaign Fundraiser

Kindred Planet Productions is looking for a self-directed, creative, detail-oriented, hard-working volunteer fundraiser to develop, launch, and manage a crowd-funding campaign. 

Duties will include:
Building a network of potential donors. Developing, launching, and managing crowd-funding campaign for post-production and distribution expenses for documentary film, Elephant Keeper. Communicating with EK team production team. 

About the film…
Laos was once referred to as Lane Xang, or "The Land of a Million Elephants.” There are now less than 1000 elephants remaining. It is believed that the Lao elephant will be extinct within 30 years. An artistic and experimental feature-length documentary film, Elephant Keeper goes behind the scenes at an elephant conservation center in Laos, providing a rare and intimate glimpse into the daily life of a Mahout. A snapshot into the life of a man’s struggles and triumphs to preserve a dying way of life, the narrative explores issues surrounding extinction and conservation, as themes of culture and identity, economic empowerment, and environmental stewardship emerge. 


About Kindred Planet Productions…
KPP is an independent media production company, established in 2013: “To capture the interconnectedness of a 21st century world, raise awareness, and inspire change by bringing into focus stories from the margins.” 

How to Apply:
Please submit resume and cover letter via email

Interviews will start the week of February 12th

Contact: Kate Kirby |