CASTING CALL for Short FIlm "Sunrise"

Project Title: Sunrise (working title)

Type of Production: Short Film

Writer: Brian Guitierrez

Director: Brian Guitierrez

Looking for: CAST

Project Description:

"Kay has done everything she thought would make her 20’s great: she is in a long term relationship, she finished her undergrad, got a job that is a “good job”. But she doesn’t feel right. It’s a world with mixed messages and the closest one may be her relationship. Once she stops to look around her for a moment, there’s much that she doesn’t want to bring with her on her personal journey of adulthood."

Production Dates will be mid to later February.

Character Breakdowns:

KAY (20-25) is ambitious, but can find herself so focused that she misses the details in her tunnel vision. She is closer to an ambivert where she is comfortable within a social setting but has a point where she needs to return to her safe space. Her friend, Fran, is the person she trusts most beside her boyfriend and is exactly who she goes to when she feels she needs to verbalize anything she is concerned of.

MILES (20-25) has figured out how to get by within the world since his latter teens. He knows what works for him socially and has found the social groups that give him that comfort and has evolved with them thus far. He is a musician but it is not his primary focus. He truly is still figuring out where he fits behind the facade he has used and morphed to get him where he is in the story. He is willing to change but the change is not independent from the hip group he socializes with. 

FRAN (20-25) has grown with Kay since freshman year of college. She is confident but hides her insecurities behind the confidence at times. One of the ways is when Kay is in trouble, she jumps in to help because having to focus on her friend helps her not to focus on her own insecurities or faults. She likes Miles but has her allegiance to Kay.

Date of Audition: Feb. 2nd, 2018

Contact: Brian Guitierrez |