VIDEOGRAPHER WANTED for One-Day Commercial Shoot [PAID]

Type of Production: Commercial

Producer: Alexander Shapira

Director: Alexander Shapira

Production Company: CMG Financial

Looking for: CREW

Project Description: 

This is a one day shoot for a web ad. The ad will be a short (1-2 minute) documentary-style piece about people who have used a crowd-funding website to raise money for the down payment on a home. We're looking for talking-head (just the subjects talking on their own) style interviews, and lots of beauty shots of the new homeowners, the realty and mortgage professionals they worked with, and the people who donated to their campaign, all interacting in and around their new home, as well as beauty shots of the house (inside and out) and the neighborhood. Shoot should take between 4 and 8 hours.

Compensation: PAID

Contact:  Alexander Shapira |