CASTING CALL for Short Film "The Whole World" [PAID]

Hi, I'm reaching out in search of actors for a short film I am producing in conjunction with Texas Appleseed and the Texas Bar Association.

 We are looking for the following Roles. Please forward the information to your students.

Project Description:

The School-To-Prison Pipeline. The film is based around a teenage girl with challenges and perspectives which go unnoticed by the school administration.

 Auditions Round 1: We are accepting Video Submissions for the following roles.

 Video format: Can be shot on an iPhone in HD, rotated horizontally.

Location: A room with a clean blank wall.

Audio: Recorded in a quiet room, be sure to check the audio levels for sound quality

 Upload your video to
Reading: Have someone assist in reading the lines.

 Languages: English and Spanish preferred.  

Auditions Round 2: In-person Austin, TX (selected based on submission)

Date: Monday, July 23, 2018

Time: 5pm

Location: TBD

Compensation: Paid and Unpaid roles

 Shooting: August


"The Whole World" Cast Description

 Main Character/Student

Age: 13 years old

Race: Afro-Latina

Gender: Girls


Kids on the Bus (if we have this scene) + Kids in Class + Extras in the Hallway

Ages: Middle school preferred (or early high school, like 9th grade)

Races: Racially and ethnically diverse kids

Gender: Open to all


School Police Officer

Age: About 45 years old

Race: Latino or White

Gender: Male


Assistant Principal in the Hallway

Age: About 60 years old

Race: White

Gender: Woman


Coach in the Hallway

Age: About 34-35 years old

Race: Asian man (It’s OK if he is a different race, but in the interest of having a diverse cast, we would like to seek out this type of actor)


Helpful Teacher (inside the Classroom)

Age: About 32 years old

Race: Black

Gender: Woman


Student Counselor

Age: About 32-60 years old

Race: Afro-Latina/o or Black


Radio Announcer

Age: 20 - 60

Race: Open to all

Gender: Open to all


Monologue: Please read this and submit the clip.


"Every day students experience challenges that may impact how they are able to focus and engage in school. Some of those challenges are pretty normal for a student—friends, academics, other activities. But, some of those challenges can be pretty intense. Students face hunger, homelessness, undiagnosed disabilities, or mental health needs. Whatever a student is facing, they deserve to have adults in their schools that ask the right questions and get them the support they need. When schools rely on suspensions, alternative schools, or police and courts to address student needs, they miss an opportunity to help. Instead, these approaches hurt young people by pushing them into what is known as the school-to-prison pipeline.  

Punishing and excluding students means that they are missing important time with their regular teachers and friends, they are not getting what they need, and they face an increased risk of getting held back, dropping out, and having contact with the justice system. This is particularly true for Black and Brown students and young people with disabilities, who feel these harms at unfairly high rates. If you want to help support students and make sure that they stay in school and on the path to success, here’s what you can do. . ."

CONTACT: Katrina Simpson |