CASTING CALL for TV Series "Red Runners"

Project Title: "Red Runners"

Type of Production: Television Series

Producer: Erik Bernard

Writer: Erik Bernard

Director: Erik Bernard

Production Company: Have Not Films

Looking For: CAST

Project Description:

“When a counter-terrorism agent discovers her supervisor may have caused American deaths to advance his political career, she must choose to bury the secret to advance the cause or stand with the rebels she’s spent her career trying to destroy.”

PRODUCTION DATES: October 5th-7th, 12th-14th, & 19th-21st & possible additional filming dates are 8th-11th 

LOCATION: Austin area



[MAX SIMPSON] Female, 23-28. Any ethnicity: Athletic. Arrogant. Talented. Tormented. Born with a congenital heart defect, she fought to do what others told her was impossible. After the loss of her father, she became a parkour free runner, martial artist and hacker. As a DepAc. Agent, Max is determined to use her skills to battle her way to a better future.

[MILTON CROSS] Male, 60s. Any ethnicity. – The mastermind. As head of DepAc. Milton has positioned himself as Washington royalty. Serving as both mentor and adversary to Max, he plays a cat and mouse game to stay a step ahead of her before his secrets are revealed. 

[JOHN GARLON] Male, 30-40. Any ethnicity. - Combat trainer and a ruthless perfectionist. Max is not the only one trying to fight her way back from a legacy of terrorists. Garlon makes Max’s life hell, but with him she gains the skills she’ll need to beat them at their own game.

[CASPIAN SIMPSON] Male, 18-23. Any ethnicity. - Max’s brother. Ravaged by drug use and mental illness stemming from the death of his father. They were close once - both hackers working against the system, but she’s on the other side now and the breech is too great to mend.

[CLAIRE SIMPSON] Female, 45-55. Any ethnicity. - Max’s mother. A literature professor and fierce progressive who doesn’t approve of DepAc’s methods or their leader, often putting her at odds with Max’s choices.

[YOUNG MAX]: Female, 5 years old. Any ethnicity- look to complement adult Max. A heart condition causes those around her to treat her like glass, but life altering tragedy will bring out the fire within.

[REGGIE SIMPSON] Male, 30. Any ethnicity. (DECEASED) - Max’s father, who lost his life in a terrorist attack when Max was five. Max watched him die, but questions about his role on that day linger. We will revisit him in flashback.

[WOLFF] Male, 40s. Any ethnicity. Hardened, fit. He’s been an agent his whole life and sees his work in black and white.
[ROGER HALL] Male, 50s. Any ethnicity. News anchor who’s seen the world transition under the umbrella of DepAc.

[STREET MUSICIAN-CELLIST] Male or Female, 18-30. Any ethnicity. Homeless. A link in the Red Runner network. One of the only witnesses to the terrorist event that killed Max’s father.

[PNN BUSINESS ANALYST] Female, 30-40. Any ethnicity. On air business analyst for CNBC type network critical of DepAc’s overreach.

[NEWS TECHNICIAN] Male, 50. Any ethnicity. Attempts to silence business analyst who says too much.

[CHIPPER ANCHOR #1] Female, 25-35. Any ethnicity. The “state news” replacement for traditional journalists tasked with delivering the propaganda of the day.

GYLES NUGGINS- any ethnicity/male, in his 50s, stockbroker

EDWARD DAIL- any ethnicity/male, in his 50s, a news anchor

MOUSE- any ethnicity/male, 16-18 years old, a savvy hacker

COACH FULTON- any ethnicity/male, in his 50s/chiseled body/in shape

VIRGINIA REEVES-any ethnicity/female, in her 40s, Depac agent

FISHER CROSS-any ethnicity/male, mid-20s, has been handicapped, NON-SPEAKING, a Depac agent

SUPREME COURT JUSTICE HARRIS- any ethnicity/male, 50s-60s, judge accused of illegal actions

Male & female EXTRAS of various ethnicities & ages needed for:

Email headshot, resumes, and demo reels for video audition consideration to:

Submission Deadline is on Saturday, September 22nd

**If you are selected for an audition our team will email sides to you.**

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