MIX/VHS | Week 067

Week 067

Holy cow, summer came dang quick! Cool off for a bit inside + watch these unbelievably solid recommendations from your pals at MIX/VHS!



Shot in what looks like one long take, this quirky short features a couple's break up. It has an interesting, sporadic dialog and a unique use of props (note the lamp used for lighting).

- Valarie

 Troll 2 - Grocery Store Scene


Someone once told me that they didn't understand why people love to watch "bad movies." My response is always the same - you can learn so much more about filmmaking from them, and laugh while you learn. If you haven't seen the classic "Best 'Worst' Movie" Troll 2, I cannot recommend it enough. The weirdness of the plot, the horrible acting, the terrible effects, the cringy dialogue. But most of all, how cataclysmically perfect of a terrible movie it is. I often revisit this grocery store scene for it's consistent delivery of strange quirks and hilarious moments. Every time the shop-owner makes an "ECH" noise, I can't help but laugh hysterically. If you aren't convinced yet, what this scene to get a sense of what it is all about.

- Jake

Beautiful Devils


A modern adaption of Shakespeare’s tragedy OthelloBeautiful Devils (2017), directed by James Marquand and starring Iain Glen, Rachel Hurd-Wood and Osy Ikhile follows a group of East London musicians on the brink of success. The film takes an unique approach to the original play that underlines the perils of fame and how quickly one can attain it - especially in this social media age. Iain Glen also gives a truly sinister performance as the film’s antagonist (and if you’ve read or seen the original play then you’ll probably agree with me). So, if you’re able to find this film, it is definitely worth a watch. 

- Zoe

Travel Man


If you're a fan of Moss from IT Crowd, imagine they give him his own travel show.  Richard Ayoade takes us (and a comedian friend of his) on a fast-paced 48 hour trip to various destinations around the globe.  Chalk full of funny, quick quips, this show is like if you took "An Idiot Abroad" but instead of an idiot inserted an intellectual and gave him a side kick to provide the reaction to his sometimes grumpy takes on locations.  Ultimately though, the show feeds my travel bug and adds a bundle of new places I want to see to my bucket list.

- Carrie

Father John Misty // Please Don't Die


Papa John Frisbee does it again. Sad Boy Misery's new record drops tomorrow, and being the ridiculous, unabashedly fan boi that I am, of course I'm serving up this new music video for you to watch. Some great claymation work here to chronicle the song that's directly at the heart of the whole record: Tillman losing his mind in a hotel room for six weeks when his wife kicked him out. The usual wit and humor is completely ripped out of Wet Juan Whiskey's hands on this country-western-ballad tune, so if you like crying while slow dancing in a honky tonk bar, here's hoping they play this one for you.

- Spencer

Garth Marenghi's Darkplace


This is the way, step inside the twisted world of Garth Marenghi. The deepest, darkest, most dreadful of human experiences lie herein, as well as, in one of the latter episodes, one of the greatest musical numbers to ever grace television screens. The horror! The horror!

- Morgan

Sami Blood


This is a beautifully crafted, Swedish coming of age movie that focuses on the social prejudices the indigenous Sami people faced in the 1930s. The film follows a young Sami girl who attends a boarding school where she's subjected to systemic discrimination. She then discovers and explores a life outside of her Sami family and culture where she's provided educational and social opportunities that her people are denied. It's a quiet and visually enthralling film that examines identity through a cultural and sociological lens. 

- Janet

KevOnStage's Reaction to Pusha T's Drake Diss


If you haven't been following the hip-hop/rap scene this past week then you've been missing out on the feud of the Summer. Tensions began to rise when Drake recently sneak-dissed Kanye West and Pusha T in a verse for one of his songs, Pusha T came back and dropped a savage rebuttal. It sent the world on a frenzy and flipped everyone on their heads when Pusha revealed some information that no one saw coming. Drake gotta retire now. Here's the funniest reaction video you'll see.

- Alek

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