MIX/VHS | Week 061

WEEK 061

We are so very excited to be featuring lots of new faces in the MIX/VHS contributor lineup! There also were so many dogs that visited us today at the office, we thought this new summer-themed was very fitting to help y'all ride the wave of tomorrow into the weekend. Enjoy, y'all!!

Matt Maltese // As The World Caves In


Crooner extraordinaire Matt Maltese is finally getting his first full-length record released on June 1st, and I am beyond ecstatic to introduce you to his music with this music video. As The World Caves In has been blasting in my car all week (windows up AND down) and the video showcases Matt essentially doing a karaoke version of his own song waltzing around a bizarrely British dance party at the end of the world. It's magic. He's magic. Do yourself a favor, and follow this dude's musical journey.

- Spencer

What Is Neorealism?


Most of the video essays which kogonada makes do not have any voice-over. Instead, he chooses to let images and filmmakers peak for themselves. Always informative and often breathtaking in his execution, kogonada makes film theory and film history into its own art.His video on Italian Neorealism makes short work of a complex film movement and offers a prime example of his excellent work.The fact his video scholarship gave him the connections and notoriety to write and direct his own feature-length film (Columbus, 2017) should come as no surprise.

- Peder


Isle of Dogs


Recently saw Wes Anderson’s, Isle of the Dogs last weekend. For those who did not catch the film’s early release, here is a quick run down of the plot: the animated film, which takes place in Japan, follows a young boy who goes on a journey to find his lost dog who has been exiled to a place known as “Trash Island” with others of his kind. If you are a long-time fan of Anderson’s work then you will probably enjoy some of the film’s familiar elements such as the cast (Bill Murray and Edward Norton) and theatrically-inspired sets. Not surprisingly, Bryan Cranston, who lends his voice to the principal dog character “Chief” plays a stand out character (in my opinion). The film definitely takes on a different tone than Anderson’s usual works, however, it is definitely an entertaining, heartwarming film to watch, if not just for the animation alone. 

- Zoe

The Terror


"This place wants us dead." That is the tagline for AMC's newest show The Terror, a show where real-life mystery meets with fictionalized horror. Two of Englands flagships, sent to find an Arctic Trade Passage, are frozen in place. With dwindling provisions, and frigid cold, their surrounding frozen coffin closes in on them day by day. And that's when something starts to hunt them. This show is atmospheric to the core, and tensely stretches the viewer around from moment to moment. It is terrifying, not so much in the scares, but in just how much one can relate, in way of survival.

- Jake

Black Sabbath


Black Sabbath by Mario Bava is a classic Italian horror anthology MASTERPIECE. I'm admittedly rather new to horror film appreciation, but these three tales of dread contain some of the most suspenseful moments I've experienced watching a movie. The sets and costumes are also magnificent, and the richly colored lighting throughout makes for a thrilling visual aesthetic. 

- Morgan

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