MIX/VHS | Week 060

Want to get your weekend started early, kick back, relax, and not do a gosh dang thing but get stuck in a 4-hour YouTube video hole? Well, we'll be your gateway to those fun fun times! Our incredibly eclectic MIX/VHS contributors have some amazingly wild things for you to watch, and we just know all of these recommendations are going to be your new favorite thing ever, so enjoy!

Pink Flamingos


Pink Flamingos is a 1972 American transgressive black comedy exploitation crime film directed, written, produced, filmed, and edited by John Waters. (WIKIPEDIA THAT IS A LIE!) This movie is so much more... Words are hard to describe such a disgusting, cringing, and obscene experience.  I will never be the same after watching this flick. I warn any curious folk out there willing to submit themselves to this treatment of perverted vulgarity. I say a very impactful movie you got there Mr. John Waters. 

- Austin

The Breadwinner


Since life is too short to watch bad film, I always add Oscar-nominated films to my Netflix list. The most recent was The Breadwinner, which takes place in Afghanistan when the Taliban had just taken over. The transformation of the main family, especially 11-year-old Parvana, along with the interweaving of traditional storytelling, makes this such a captivating film. With the background of a misogynistic regime and impending war, Parvana's shows bravery and resilience by dressing up as a boy to save her family. 

- Teresa

The Avalanches // Frontier Psychiatrist


This music video is so strange and fun and hilarious and incredibly memorable. I can't get the retro feel and execution out of my head.

- Jake

Tears of Amber Rain


I haven't actually met Andy Young face to face before, but through a mutual friend, I discovered his short Keith and Heath (a puppet comedy about twin brothers) and have a big ol' fan ever since. His newest puppet-centered piece is Tears of Amber Rain, and I don't want to spoil anything, but just let the simple surprises of this short film wash over you like....tears...in the-

- Spencer

Guy Who Likes Music


When Vine still existed, I watched these videos at least once a day. Then Vine ended and I thought these videos had been lost forever. Then I found them on YouTube in one compilation and I watch them almost every day again. I love the internet and I love Vine and, most importantly, I love music.

- Peder

Phantom Thread Camera Test


I think we all know who Paul Thomas Anderson is by now so I won't start with an introduction. Here he's commentating over some camera tests during the production of his latest film, Phantom Thread. It's a great little video highlighting color, lenses, framing, wardrobe and even Daniel Day Lewis and Lesley Manville, in character, having a food fight at their dining table. Overall, it's a cute, hilarious bundle of behind-the-scenes footage and outtakes that heighten with the added voiceover of Anderson discussing the footage. It's insightful and a delightful 8 minutes of your life. 

- Alek

André The Giant


I'm no wrestling fan, but this new HBO documentary is definitely an interesting and emotional journey into André's life and career. It follows a man who lived his life the way he wanted to till the very end, despite knowing that the end was near. This film carries insightful and entertaining anecdotes from friends, family, and colleagues who chronicle his life from when he started physically growing during his teens to when he faced Hulk Hogan, all the while, denying medical treatment to maintain his look and career. They illustrate not only the sensation he became in the wrestling and entertainment world but the sadness he experienced as a result of his condition. It's warm, emotional, and entertaining.

- Janet

A Quiet Place


In the post-apocalypse, you’d best not scream. It isn’t just A Quiet Place’s 3-word logline that invokes 1979’s Alien. Both films are excruciatingly tense monster movies; and both are set within unique, thoughtfully-constructed futures. One of the movie’s surprising pleasures is seeing the Swiss Family Robinson-esque devices, tools, and environments the household has built to combat the terrifying forces looming beyond the door. And though there are moments of heavy-handed exposition (you could call this a ‘WEAKNESS?’), it’s truly more of a quibble. See this movie in theaters, and don’t see it alone. But if you order popcorn, be very careful which moments you choose to give it a munch.

- Matt

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