MIX/VHS | Week 058

So much variety! Just when you think you've found your new favorite video ever, our MIX/VHS contributors have recommendations that just blow your socks off, as well the shoes that you were also wearing over those socks! Long dumb metaphor aside, we hope you enjoy these great picks!

He Took His Skin Off For Me


A short film about a man who takes his skin off for his girlfriend, and the continuing consequences. A reflection on love and how far one can go just to be with somebody. Also, if you're into practical SFX, this one will be sure to entertain you.

- Valarie

The Incredible Jessica James


This movie really took me by surprise.  Generally, rom-coms are this space in film where people don't spend so much time empowering their characters or allowing them to just be confident in themselves.  I'm actually kind of tired of seeing characters that are beat down and spend the entire film trying to find the confidence to do whatever it is that needs done.  Jessica 100% knows who she is and what she wants out of life, and she has the tenacity to get it done.  She hangs her rejection letters as a symbol of the strife of being a creative, and while she does spend the film trying to figure out what her next move will be, we get some fun magical-realism moments and a quirky little not-really-so-much-love-more-relationship story.  It's a solid flick, and I hope to one day write a character like her.  

- Carrie

‘Thought Leader’ Gives Inspiring Talk


Last week, I selected a TED Talk for MIX/VHS. And believe me, if you groaned when you saw that link, I understand! I, too, have become weary of these glossy, quasi-inspirational monologues. Which is why I was thrilled when the Canadian Broadcasting Company released this brilliant 5-minute sketch – which satirically skewers the tropes of the TED Talk. In a comment pinned by the CBC, a Mr. Carl Willis writes, “TED has popularized a style of speaking that, despite having advantages, is also formulaic and too often serves as a vessel for the aggrandizement of vapid establishment pablum.” Hear hear, Carl! However – though I do think it’s wise to be skeptical of content presented in this format, it’s important we don’t throw out every TED Talk along with its proverbial bathwater. Instead, this is simply more reason for us to do what we always ought: evaluate a thing based on the merit of its ideas, and not just on its presentation.

- Matt

Mark Morrison // Return Of The Mack


Do you ever have arguments with friends, colleagues or family over something being better than something else? Batman or Superman? The Godfather or Goodfellas? Me or that super handsome guy that you keep looking at so much that you forget that you're on a date with me and leave me with the check at Olive Garden? Time after time, debates have always been the focal point of a conversation. I'm here to end the debate of a certain topic -- What's the best R&B song from the 1990's that sticks with you until the end of time and is unfathomably catchy and is a great song for any time of day or mood or occasion or anything? Mark Morrison - Return of the Mack. You'll thank me later.

- Alek

Portlandia "Baseball" (Season 1, Episode 6)



Today is Opening Day for Major League Baseball! And for this fan who masochistically roots for the Seattle Mariners, currently with the longest playoff drought in all of baseball, I cannot WAIT for yet another year of my hopes being built up, only to be slowly and painfully demolished! I'm also missing home a whole bunch, so here's a gem from the first season of Portlandia where the mayor tries to start a professional baseball team the only way Portlanders know how: an open tryout. Lots of great sketches intermixed with this one. Celebrate the (brief) greatest time of the year to be a baseball fan in the Pacific Northwest!

- Spencer



There were a plethora of bands during the recent SXSW music festival, and this probably had to be the standout. This all-female band from Japan is wildly eccentric, sweet, and talented who gave off a great deal of energetic vibes that fueled the audience. Not only do I recommend checking them out through their visually entertaining MV, but live to capture their true essence and talent. 

- Janet

Judith // A Perfect Circle


David Fincher is easily my favorite director. His seamless attention to detail and perfection classifies him in an untouchable league of filmmakers. So, when he teams up with the progressive metal band A Perfect Circle, and directs a grimy, intense music video, you gotta pull up a seat. Judith is a strangely beautiful and well-written piece, and the deranged, precise filmmaking accompanying the music makes for an awesome music video.

- Jake

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