MIX/VHS | Week 055

When you're taking a break from donating to your favorite non-profit multiple times, relax & watch these amazing recommendations from your buddies at MIX/VHS! We've got lots really cools stuff for you this week, so check them all out and enjoy!



With the second season starting March 1st, I felt I owed it to myself to finally catch up on the critically acclaimed series. As someone who has just restarted his life in a new environment, struggling to find my place in the entertainment industry, and as someone living in our current social and political climate, this show has struck the cultural zeitgeist stronger than any other form of the entertainment medium. Donald Glover and crew have created a beautifully hilarious, surreal, and sinisterly real portrayal of... everything? Yeah, everything. Life, love, fight, and flight. The less you know about it, the better. Go in blind, if you can.

- Jake

The Florida Project


I finally got around to seeing this movie and was really impressed by the acting and approach in portraying the juxtaposition between a child's whimsical fantasy and an adult's grim reality. Director and co-writer Sean Baker does a fine job in portraying underrepresented communities in his work, and The Florida Project is definitely a great example of that. Funny yet poignant, this gem highlights the imagination of childhood in the midst of tribulation. 

- Janet

La Haine


Now...THIS is a film that speaks volumes. Where other films only attempt -- and fail at times -- to shed light on issues as relevant as police brutality and systematic failure, Kassovitz' 1995 French black and white drama centered in Paris' suburban projects is as grounded in reality as it is a really great movie. Following a trio of friends -- Vinz (a Jew), Hubert (an African) and Said (an Arab) -- after a riot resulting from the Police's brutalization of their friend, Abdel, we are given a tour of the city as the three roam through the streets of the Paris' lower and upper classes. The film is shot like a documentary, with the exception of some incredible shots (as linked above) sprinkled throughout, and tells a story deeply rooted in hatred -- a thematic element that never seizes to expose itself. Included is a great hip-hop inspired soundtrack, gritty cinematography and an ending that will blow your mind! The film is now residing in the Criterion Collection and is available on Blu-Ray and DVD.

With the world the way it is now, there may never be a time more necessary to watch this film than right now.

"La haine attire la haine!"

- Alek

Chapter & Verse


Chapter & Verse is a dope indie film directed by Jamal Joseph. The film takes you on a journey with a ex gang member thats from Harlem NY who did his time in prison and starting his new life as a free man. The main character does everything he needs to stay free and be productive. On his job he befriends an older women and her grandson, during their friendship he sees the grandson leading down the wrong road. While doing what he can to stay free and live a good life the main character  sacrifice  his life to save another. Pretty deep!

- Kenny

Moulin Rouge // El Tango De Roxanne


Hearing this song during the Ice Dancing Gold Medal competition at the Winter Olympics had me reminiscing about this incredible scene. Even if Moulin Rouge as a whole isn't exactly your favorite flick, this scene will mesmerize you. The tango remix of The Police's "Roxanne" matches really well with the intense emotions and built up tension between the major characters. Beautifully choreographed. Edited almost like a whirlwind. This is the highlight of an already energetic jukebox musical film. And if you're REALLY into this, highly recommend watching the whole film.

- Spencer

TAEMIN // Day and Night


I have no idea what he's saying, but it sounds beautiful. I want to hear more stuff like this.

- Miranda

The Hogwarts Castle Model


At 50 feet long, the size of the Hogwarts castle model shocked me. But for production designer Stuart Craig, the true challenge was in working with a model that was so small. The 1:24 scale model went through big changes in the 10 years the Harry Potter films were made. The filmmakers expanded the model by 40% for Azkaban, and added additional detail to the existing structure. And though footage of the model didn’t make it into the final film, the filmmakers did use extensive scans of the miniature for their digital recreation of the castle. The model exists to this day – and you can see it yourself, where it serves as the final stop in London’s Warner Bros. Studio Tour. 

- Matt

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