MIX/VHS | Week 054

Another eclectic week from your favorite MIX/VHS contributors! From a sort-of-kind-of music video to an Oscar-nominated Kenyan short film, and everything in-between: we hope you enjoy!

The Virtual Theatre


There is no organization, only directions... I do not think that my webpages are user-friendly, never mind, readable. This dizzying constellation of sites is the work of Moscow-born filmmaker and playwright Anatoly Antohin, who defected from the Soviet Union in 1980, and in 1989, began his 20 year-tenure as professor at the University of Alaska-Fairbanks. In his time there he staged dozens of works, including adaptations of Shakespeare, Beckett, and Chekhov. His adaptation of “Three Sisters” was the first full-length play to be streamed live over the Internet. It was during his time at UAF, in the late 90’s, that Anatoly began constructing his digital labyrinth.

3 Fields: Theatre, Film, Web
3 Professions: Writer, Director, Actor
Draw two triangles (Star of David) – Virtual Theatre is in the middle

Constructing this electronic archipelago had its challenges. The Internet of the 90’s and 00’s was a rapidly shifting place – in places, Anatoly laments the immense difficulty in keeping his links and his images updated. Testament to that are the many, many broken hyperlinks and deceased URL’s, in many cases re-animated by click-hungry advertisers. But things were to change in 2007. 4.13.07. After my stroke the world took a several steps back. Suddenly, I myself became virtual... I am still teaching. I think. Web is the last refuge for me. In 2009, Anatoly ended his career with the UAF, and, along with his wife of African descent, retired to Ethiopia to found a theatre company in Addis Ababa. Anatoly, will you finish your pages, if Ethiopian God will give you another 30 years? Alas, it was not to be. Anatoly Antohin died on July 28, 2011; his family held a service for him in Addis Ababa. Online, his friends, colleagues, students and admirers poured out their fond memories of this “great creative and intellectual force,” this “mad genius,” this “Pilgrim Soul.” It is fitting that, in the end, the man who founded the virtual theatre became virtual himself. Anatoly was right: through this last refuge of the Web, he teaches yet.

- Matt


Father John Misty // Mr. Tillman [Official Audio]


Never mind the silly trend of "official audio videos" that seem to be popping up all the time: Father John Misty is here to bless us with a new silly song about (presumably) a catastrophic life corrosion in a hotel, giving us a little treat in the middle of the song that is so beautiful bizarre (and, strangely, relatable), it both pokes fun at the trend of the aforementioned audio videos that SubPop is known for, as well as gives us a glimpse into the tone of his upcoming album due later this year. Both are worth the wait.

- Spencer

Watu Wote: All Of Us


This German-Kenyan production is based off the true story of the 2015 incident in which Kenyan Muslim bus passengers rose up to protect their fellow minority Christian travelers from terrorists. Not only does this 22 minute film capture the anxiety, mistrust, and tension around the division between the religious communities in Kenya, it captures the compassion they had to open up to solidarity.

- Janet



Waco is a strange depiction and approach to the fascinating story of the Branch Davidians, their religious leader David Koresh, and the events leading up to their infamous demise. The story, thus far, has focused almost entirely on the individuals of the compound, and carefully balances out the insanity of what happened during their 50+ day stand-off with their perspectives and the FBI negotiators. The resulting moral dilemma is fascinating to see play out - How can you be a hostage to an organization, if you believe in said establishment? Michael Shannon, obviously, elevates the show from standard to captivating, and Taylor Kitsch proves that he is more than just a nobody - he's got the chops. The shows lacks in some technical merits, but makes up for it easily in the characters, performances, and writing.

- Jake

Fully Leaded


This is an absolute masterwork of a Texas high school short film. If there was an Academy Award for "Best Texas High School Short Film Horrendously NOT Nominated When It Should Have Been Years Ago Even Though It Probably Didn't Deserve Any Recognition Then Or Now"... Fully Leaded would be your winner.

- Alek

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