MIX/VHS | Week 095


MIX/VHS Week 095

Waking up in the middle of the night with a fuzz in your head. Thinking about gong to the fridge for a little late night snack. STOP! Instead clear your head with videos selected by our amazing team of Content Curators. As always we will be here for you day and night to help clear your mind and relax.

A Ghost Story



I am a firm believer that you see movies or hear music or read books at the right time in your life. It makes these subjective medias all the more subjective, much like a fortune cookie or a daily horoscope. David Lowery's "A Ghost Story" is just that film for me right now. This beautiful anti-thesis of modern filmmaking made it's rounds a few years ago, and was considered the indie-darling that people, including myself, just kinda passed on. It has stuck itself permanently into my brain, and will not leave. Every frame, every piece of dialogue, every movement - all contain such grandiose themes and elements, without having to be some meandering epic. I thought of Mallick's "Tree of Life," how broken and weightless that entire 3-hour experience feels - and here, Lowery manages to deal with life, love, death, anger, sadness, grief, and then some in such a simplistic, beautiful way.


Change is Everything // Son Lux



Not only is this music video beyond impressive, it's also fun to watch all the holes grow as the pins move around. I wonder how long it took to make this video.


Blank on Blank



A YouTube series animating lost interviews with famous artists, musicians, and politicians. The clip I've linked here is an interview with David Bowie, though there are several others I recommend such as Bill Murray, Elliott Smith, or John Coltrane. It's a relaxing snip bit of these famous people's lives with unique illustrative interpretations to go along with.





Are you one of those people who watched the original Rambo and thought to yourself “this needs more comedy and gratuitous slo-mo motorcycle montages!” Well you need to watch 1980’s Ruckus. Ruckus is a Rambo knock off that surprisingly came out two year before First Blood (1982). In it a Vietnam Vet played by Dirk Benedict of Battlestar fame falls for Linda Blair and all the men in the town want him killed. The tone sounds quite serious and it sort of is, but its also really goofy ala The Dukes of Hazard. So if you get time its hard to find but the full thing is on YouTube so you know… do with that what you will.

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