CAST AND CREW CALL For Short Film "This is Me"

Director: Lydia Isnanto

Project Description:
This 5min short film is my school project at Austin School of Film. I would love to dedicate this film, titled "This Is Me", to encourage people that mental health is not a personal failure and to challenge society to stop the stigma and be kind.

Key Dates:
Auditions: Thursday, February 7, 2019 - 4PM-9PM & Sunday, February 10, 2019 - 2PM-6PM
(All auditions will be given a specific time within this window)  
SHOOTING STARTS: February 16, 2019
SHOOTING ENDS: February 17, 2019


SANDY (Female, 25-30s) [LEAD]
A confident, bad ass CEO from the outside, but, on the inside, she battles PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). With a traumatic childhood and abandonment issues, she grows up hearing voices that are not real. Her scars show pain and suffering, but they also show her will to survive and coping with emotional pain.

JASON (Male, 25s-30s) [SUPPORTING]
Sandy’s husband who has a positive attitude yet not judgmental towards her mental illness. Loves his wife & accepts her unconditionally. Always tries to use his jokes to cheer her up. 

JACK (Male, 30s-40s) [SUPPORTING]
A father who can’t control his own temper and frustration, makes him a verbal abuser and directs this to his daughter for many years since she was a little girl. This story portrays Sandy’s past.

DAUGHTER (Young Girl, 10-14 yrs old) [SUPPORTING]
Daughter represents Sandy’s past when she was a little girl. Having been verbally abused for many years, she grows up insecure, angry and hating herself. To the point one day she can’t suppress her emotions anymore and explode in front of her abuser, her dad. She cuts her own hand with the knife to cope with her emotional pains. (There will be a trick for the camera angle with some blood to look like as if she cuts her hand but actually not)

AMY (Female, 17-25) [SUPPORTING]
Amy is Sandy’s college friend in the past. She is arrogant for having the best family in the world and insults Sandy for being an orphan.

DEBBIE  (Female, 17-25) [SUPPORTING]
Debbie is Sandy’s college friend in the past. Being envious of Sandy’s achievements, Debbie always tries to put her down.

MARK  (Male, 30s-40s) [SUPPORTING]
Mark is the VP (Vice President) of Sales. A cynical man who's eager to take Sandy’s CEO position in the company by putting her down. Trying to make Sandy doubt herself and believing that she can’t do the project.

Supportive Board Members attending the meeting and impress by Sandy’s idea.

Crew: Sound Crew

Compensation: Meals | DVD/Digital Copy


Please send head shot/resume to to make an appointment and receive further information. Thank you and we look forward to your submissions!