MIX/VHS | Week 092

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Need a pill that can take away your not-quite-the-weekend-blues? Well we got the digital pills, that can take away your ills. So take a look, at stuff you can’t find in a book. Show your friend, its not the end. MIX/VHS will be back, so go grab snack. Until the robots uprise, it wont be a surprise.

I’m Here



A gem of a short film that I find myself coming back to since high school. The 30 minute film tells a touching story about a robot falling in love- so it's no wonder Spike Jonze directed it 3 years prior to his feature film Her and yeah you could probably find some overlapping themes. At the surface level, I'm Here is a love story. It dives into how unexpectedly love can change you and show you a new way of life. Sometimes people will do whatever it takes to keep love alive no matter the consequences to themselves or others. Oh and if all that doesn't pull you in, it also has a great soundtrack.


The Greatest Album Covers of Jazz

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Fierce admiration for the aesthetic and engaging pace of Vox video essays. Insightful as always, this video curated and created by Estelle Caswell covers the Blue Note jazz label, taking a deep dive on their iconic album art design philosophy and process. The intuition and creativity that these photographers and designers had to make album covers an art form is stupid crazy cool, and has been a big source of inspiration for my own work in designing jacket art for my book. And! The great head fake of this video is it introduces you to a lot of classic jazz artists from the 1960s that you may not have heard of (which are all excellent). Jazzy vibes for December nights.


Zombie (or Zombi 2)



Zombi 2 or Zombie as its called in America. Is an Italian “sequel” to Dawn of the Dead which released in Italy as Zombi directed by Lucio Fulci. As you may have guessed the two are not related legally or by story in anyway but that doesn’t stop it from shining on its own. For being what appears as a quick cash grab it actually has phenomenal gore effects (i.e that one eye scene) that Fulci is known for. There is also a sequence that takes place under water where a zombie fights a real shark. If you like the older more methodical kind of zombie cinema than you really can’t miss Zombi 2.


Under the Silver Lake



"Under The Silver lake" is one of the greatest homages to Alfred Hitchcock and David Lynch ever made. Sam, played with fantastic nuance by Andrew Garfield, meets Sarah, a dream-like femme fatale who, over the course of an evening, mysteriously disappears from her apartment. Being a loner with no job and nothing to do, Sam sets out to find her, not knowing of the insane descent his journey will take him. Gorgeously shot against the backdrop of eastern Los Angeles, the old Hollywood architecture and mystique of glitz become a character themselves. Much like the sprawling elitism of San Francisco in "Vertigo," or the darkened, twisted hills of "Mulholland Drive," David Robert Mitchell's sophomore film delves deeper and deeper, with scene after scene, moment after moment, into philosophy, conspiracy, fears, humor, love, and departure. Needless to say, this may take the spot for my favorite film of the year.


Dog of Wisdom

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The monotonous-ness of life got you down? Enjoy the wholesome interactions of two of my favorite animated doggos and remember, "if your ball is too big for your mouth, it's not yours" 


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